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Mobile Connectivity: Adding Value To The Service Relationship
Mobile Connectivity: Adding Value To The Service Relationship

Digital connectivity has changed every aspect of the way consumers use and interact with products. The ability for devices to “talk” amongst each other, across platforms and functions, is becoming point-of-entry. Companies like Amazon are creating new revenue streams by enabling these kinds of conversations. Through products like the Amazon Dot, a refrigerator can proactively order more milk when the refrigerator detects that a consumer is starting to run low.

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Cloud-Based Field Service Software Improves Efficiency And Inventory Management

The elimination of paper speeds invoicing from one week to essentially same day.

5 Essential Technologies For Mastering Customer Experience

As field service organizations double down on their customer experience initiatives, these five technologies are imperative.

The End Of Field Service

When will today’s connected infrastructure result in the elimination of service appointments altogether?

Q&A: Making Field Service Diversity Intentional

Editor in chief Sarah Nicastro talks one-on-one with Dot Mynahan of Otis Elevator about the opportunities for women in field service.

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  • Optimize Your Field Operations With The Power Of Location

    You need to know what is happening in the field, where work is being done and needs to be done. Staying current on field activities can be a hit and miss exercise, but it doesn’t have to be. ArcGIS field apps help you use the power of location to achieve improved coordination and greater operational efficiencies in field workforce activities.

  • Demystifying Digital Transformation

    The phrase, “Digital Transformation” has become a buzzword in the service world over the last few years. Yet it is a concept that has many definitions, depending on whom you ask.  There is no one right answer. But the “right” answer is what will work for your organization. If you’re NOT one of the 53% of service leaders that have a clear transformation strategy in place, this on-demand webinar is for you.

  • Today’s Innovation For Tomorrow’s Digital Transformation

    We’ve made major technological advances in recent years. Most of those advances have practical applications in businesses that impact the level of service to customers. However, what’s really driving digital transformation? How are these drivers affecting OEMs and their bottom line? Where is the service continuum ultimately leading our service delivery organizations? Finally, what can stakeholders do today to prepare themselves for tomorrow’s service demands?

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  • Astea Alliance: Mobile Field Service Software
    Astea Alliance: Mobile Field Service Software

    In today’s competitive market, you need to optimize your field service resources to reduce overhead, yet still find ways to continually improve service value and delivery and generate new revenue. Field service automation is key to accomplishing these strategic goals. Alliance Mobile helps you to do more with less, by making every service engineer your best — with a wealth of knowledge and experience in hand.

  • ClickSoftware ClickPlan
    ClickSoftware ClickPlan

    For any business, the secret to delivering service efficiently lies in having the right number of skilled resources available whenever they are needed. Employing too many people can raise costs, while lowering employee efficiency and profitability. Employing too few can create a customer experience that is less than satisfactory.

  • Mobile Field Worker Solution
    Mobile Field Worker Solution

    If your field workers are like most others, one of their biggest challenges is staying productive while fighting through piles of paper. Instead of focusing on actual field work, they spend entirely too much time filling out paper forms and trying to submit them with outdated tools and processes.

  • ClickSoftware ClickLocate
    ClickSoftware ClickLocate

    Keeping track of your field resources has never been more important for the safety and security of your business. Thanks to the maturity of location-based service technologies, such as Global Positioning Systems (GPS), this is now a seamless activity.

  • Astea Alliance: Professional Services
    Astea Alliance: Professional Services

    Alliance Professional Services supports management of knowledge workers, such as those deployed by professional services organizations and internal service departments of large organizations. It simplifies project planning, automates deployment and tracking, improves coordination, and reduces operating and administrative costs.

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