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The Future of Field Service is An AI-Human Hybrid
The Future of Field Service is An AI-Human Hybrid

Artificial intelligence is a hot topic in the service space. Automated assistance, through AI applications like chatbots and interactive voice technology, is on the rise. The growing sophistication of AI technologies is helping service professionals across many industries deliver better customer experiences, with greater efficiency and at less cost.

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  • The Secret Life Of Water At Evoqua Water Technologies
    The Secret Life Of Water At Evoqua Water Technologies

    Evoqua Water Technologies indirectly affects the water used by hundreds of millions of people around the world. It provides water purification and management solutions—filtrations, separation, disinfection, technologies, and service—used by 70 percent of US municipalities, 90 percent of the largest US chemical companies, 85 percent of pharmaceutical companies, the world’s largest food and beverage companies, and 60 percent of US Navy vessels.

  • Drive Efficiency With Intelligent Troubleshooting In The Field
    Drive Efficiency With Intelligent Troubleshooting In The Field

    A field service engineer’s job can be a bit like looking for a needle in an enormous haystack. For example, trying to isolate the cause of a customer’s inexplicably high heating bill in the month of August. And for the longest time, companies made do, thinking the challenges of troubleshooting, such as scheduling inefficiencies and taking multiple trips to fix a problem were all part of the job.

  • Nucleus ROI Case Study: Salesforce And Non-Traditional Energy Supplier

    A non-traditional small-to-medium-sized energy supplier, deployed Salesforce Service Cloud and Field Service Lightning to facilitate growth, modernize the customer relationship management (CRM) infrastructure, and improve customer engagement. The project granted increased operational visibility and shortened the average time to complete a field service order by nearly half. The company dramatically improved efficiency as pen-and-paper reporting was moved to Salesforce CRM and grew its business by 50 percent without a commensurate increase in warehouse and field service staff.

  • Optimize Valuable Time And Resources With Augmented Reality
    Optimize Valuable Time And Resources With Augmented Reality

    Sysmex maximized instrument uptime and service efficiency with Vuforia Studio. 

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  • Cultivating A Better Customer Experience

    TruGreen faces a massive field service and route management challenge every day. The Memphis, TN-based company merged with Scotts LawnService in 2016, creating the largest lawn care company in North America. The company serves more than 2.3 million residential and commercial customers in the U.S. and Canada and operates 315 branches and 40 franchise locations. Its fleet of 7,000 vehicles is routed to more than 100,000 jobs every day.

A Second Chance At Field Service Success

Driessen Water has leveraged new field service automation software to improve efficiency and is saving thousands of miles through route optimization.

Q&A: PCM Leverages Technology To Create A Compelling Customer Experience

Field Technologies talks with Mike Rysavy of PCM about going above and beyond for customers with the help of an ITSM platform that enables proactive service delivery and rapid execution.

The Gold Mine Of Data Supplied By Field Techs

What is it really like to be a customer of your firm? Ask your technicians.

Era Of Change For Field Service Management

More changes have occurred in the field service management (FSM) segment in the past 12 months than in the previous 12 years. And the changes — or what I like to refer to as the “deltas” — are only going to manifest themselves faster and more pervasively in the next 12 months moving forward. This is truly the era of change for FSM, as well as for the services organizations in the industry.

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  • How The Best-in-Class Stop Customer Churn

    Customers today demand a lot — because they can. If you don’t deliver personalized service at every step of the customer journey, they’ll drop you faster than you can say “turnover.”

  • How To Modernize Your Field Service

    Even the world’s best service organizations are tackling a new generation of field service challenges. One of the major challenges is keeping up with trends without compromising the bottom line. You owe it to yourself to take a few minutes and a step back to evaluate the fundamentals of service organizations that will allow your businesses to thrive - no matter the technological advancements ahead.

  • Optimize Your Field Operations With The Power Of Location

    You need to know what is happening in the field, where work is being done and needs to be done. Staying current on field activities can be a hit and miss exercise, but it doesn’t have to be. ArcGIS field apps help you use the power of location to achieve improved coordination and greater operational efficiencies in field workforce activities.

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  • ClickSoftware ClickMobile
    ClickSoftware ClickMobile

    To reap the expected return on investment, you have to tell your mobile workforce when and where they are expected to be, and provide details of the work they are required to do. Your service business will remain inefficient if communicating such information is a manual process. Verbal communications, text messaging, and paper worksheets should be things of the past.

  • Customer Engagement (Self-Service Portal)
    Customer Engagement (Self-Service Portal)

    ServicePower’s Intelligent Customer Engagement solution offers your customers instant job scheduling to your integrated mobile workforce. Real-time job status, technician location, and two-way communications improve visibility throughout the service lifecycle.

  • Swyft Mobile For Field Service
    Swyft Mobile For Field Service

    Swyft Mobile for Field Service is a mobile application suite which facilitates more timely and accurate execution of customer field service orders, from assignment to invoicing.

  • Esri ArcGIS Apps for the Field
    Esri ArcGIS Apps for the Field

    ArcGIS field apps help you use the power of location to improve coordination and achieve operational efficiencies in field workforce activities. Reduce or even replace your reliance on paper. Ensure that everyone, in the field and the office, uses the same authoritative data so you can reduce errors, boost productivity, and save money.

  • Astea Alliance: Logistics
    Astea Alliance: Logistics

    Alliance Logistics allows companies to enhance asset management, wherever product resides. It enables a reduction in inventory costs while ensuring stock levels and movements keep pace with service and sales activities. It allows for parts management for effective field service delivery and SLA compliance. Cost management improves cash flow by streamlining and shortening the cycles from inventory to usage to billing.

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