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  • 20 Remote Visual Assistance Use Cases: How Help Lightning Users Are Improving Service Margins, Customer Experiences, And Much More

    Help Lightning serves a wide range of business sectors. Many who are new to remote technology ask this question early in our discussions: “How are leaders in my industry using remote visual assistance software?” In other words, what are the primary remote assistance software use cases? That’s a fair question, and we’ve got the answer…well, lots of answers actually.

  • Microsoft Customer Story-Clean Energy Fuels Runs Greener, Boosts Efficiency With Dynamics 365

    Commercial heavy- and medium-duty trucks, waste collection vehicles, and public transportation all run on renewable natural gas from Clean Energy—a sustainable, carbon-neutral fuel. Clean Energy innovates constantly, using cutting-edge solutions for every facet of its operations. It trusts Microsoft Dynamics 365 to support its growth and its mission. Clean Energy added Microsoft Dynamics 365 Remote Assist and HoloLens to close the loop on information, from back office to the pump, accelerating productivity and cutting down on company travel.

  • Cubic Transportation’s Outcomes-Based Service Success

    Service organizations across the globe are painstakingly aware that the historical break/fix service model is no longer satisfying customers. Rather, customers are demanding outcomes – uptime, peace of mind, and results. The adaptation necessary to meet these ever-increasing demands is no small feat, which is why we see plenty of companies struggling to evolve. There are those, though, which have tackled this transformation with steely resolve and are leading the charge in delivering what today’s customers want. Cubic Transportation Systems is one such example.

  • Mobile Network Operator Leverages AI & Automation To Grow Revenue

    We worked with a Mobile Network Operator providing wireless services, messaging, and broadband service for more than 50 million customers. With Zinier, the Mobile Network Operator reduced site rejection rate from 70% to 10%.


Service Growth Portfolio Management

Revenue and market growth are accelerated by a new approach to leading a service business. The Service Growth Portfolio concentrates on value and capability creation in three distinct investment areas: 1) Service Product Offering, 2) Workforce Skills and Behaviors, 3) Enabling Technology.

A Clearer View Of Customer Data

Learnings from a global IT infrastructure service and support provider on achieving a single source of truth for customer information.

Does Technology Enable Or Delay Transformation?

The race to implement the latest platform or build an application to manage a process within service or just move from paper to something mobile has transfixed the service world. Technology has become the primary focus of much of what we read about and captures much of our budgets as we look to transform.

Grocer Rings Up Field Service Improvements

Reliable information technology (IT) support and service are critical for any business. In the grocery industry, store-level IT service can have a direct impact on sales and customer service — if the registers are down, cashiers can’t ring up sales, and customers may simply leave their carts in the aisle and head to the next closest market.


  • Creating Meaningful Diversity In Service

    Day Three of Service Leaders Spring Break, powered by Aquant. Watch the interactive panel of experts discuss how to hire a diverse team, what actions are needed to foster an equitable culture, steps leadership can take to make changes today, and more!

  • 3 Key Milestones For Any New AI Deployment

    Day Two of Service Leaders Spring Break, powered by Aquant. Watch the interactive workshop to discover best practices and real-world scenarios for deploying AI. Hear stories from the field on how service leaders have overcome AI deployment challenges. Watch the recording now.

  • Preventing Service Disasters: How Information Gaps Hurt Your Business

    Day One of Service Leaders Spring Break, powered by Aquant. Watch the on-demand recording of “Preventing Service Horror Stories: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt Your Business” to discover real-life examples of service horror stories, and practical examples of how service leaders can spot and prevent them. Watch the recording now.



  • We have over 20 years’ experience helping the largest digital service providers manage and optimize their field service operation before, during and after day of service.

  • Dista Field helps unleash the full potential of your field operations by improving first-time fix rates, ensuring higher service efficiency, and increasing customer delight, thereby elevating your brand loyalty.

  • To grow your equipment maintenance and service operation, you need more than Excel and an accounting package. Find out what an integrated ERP can do for your business.

  • With MobileTech, your technicians get service call information, can manage their service activities, and input data while out in the field. 

  • Fast track your transformation into a best-in-class field service organization with OutSystems.