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How AI Can Improve Customer Service
How AI Can Improve Customer Service

Leveraging AI to better run your customer service, call centers, and chat functionality is a sure way to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction. This report, then, serves as a guidebook, exploring many of the practical uses of AI in the contact centre and the benefits that organizations are seeing from implementation of this new technology.

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  • NSC Global Wins More Deals With Alliance Enterprise
    NSC Global Wins More Deals With Alliance Enterprise

    As your field service organization becomes more complex, are you challenged with integration gaps between your software systems? Are you able to optimize technician schedules across different worker types, skill sets, product lines and customer SLAs? Are you struggling to leverage contingent workers? Most importantly, has your FSM platform helped you win new deals? Astea’s customer NSC Global has done all these things, and will tell you how, in this webinar.

  • How Rational Improved First Time Fix Rate
    How Rational Improved First Time Fix Rate

    Rational AG leverages Aquant’s service intelligence platform to pull together and analyze customer and product data from across teams, companies, and systems. With data-driven insights at their fingertips, the Rational team can quickly identify the most likely resolution for customer challenges.

  • How 3D Systems Closed Their Service Skill Gap
    How 3D Systems Closed Their Service Skill Gap

    3D Systems needed to dramatically change their service organization to meet their customers’ need for a quicker response time for support cases.  3D Systems turned to Aquant’s service intelligence platform to deliver data-driven insights to the entire customer-facing service team, empowering them to perform better and solve issues faster.

  • AEP Energy Powers Personalization With Dynamics 365 Customer Insights

    American Electric Power (AEP) Energy, a retail electricity and natural gas supply provider, takes pride in making it easy for customers to buy, manage, and use energy. With over 400,000 residential and commercial customers, AEP Energy is using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights to empower its marketing, sales and customer service professionals to gain a 360-degree view of customers and surface key insights such as sales opportunities, next-best-action plans, and audience segmentation strategies, to offer exceptional customer experiences across all touchpoints.

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Service Growth Portfolio Management

Revenue and market growth are accelerated by a new approach to leading a service business. The Service Growth Portfolio concentrates on value and capability creation in three distinct investment areas: 1) Service Product Offering, 2) Workforce Skills and Behaviors, 3) Enabling Technology.

A Clearer View Of Customer Data

Learnings from a global IT infrastructure service and support provider on achieving a single source of truth for customer information.

Does Technology Enable Or Delay Transformation?

The race to implement the latest platform or build an application to manage a process within service or just move from paper to something mobile has transfixed the service world. Technology has become the primary focus of much of what we read about and captures much of our budgets as we look to transform.

Grocer Rings Up Field Service Improvements

Reliable information technology (IT) support and service are critical for any business. In the grocery industry, store-level IT service can have a direct impact on sales and customer service — if the registers are down, cashiers can’t ring up sales, and customers may simply leave their carts in the aisle and head to the next closest market.

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  • Dynamics 365 Field Service
    Dynamics 365 Field Service

    Innovate with proactive service

    Deliver a seamless, end-to-end service experience with Dynamics 365 for Field Service. Built-in intelligence helps you resolve service issues before they occur, reduce operational costs, and deliver positive onsite experiences.

  • VIA Order Entry
    VIA Order Entry Remote workers demand rapid access to information and up to date data to facilitate and streamline their job functions in the field. VIA Order Entry running on a portable device can end the "blind order" aspect of current systems by providing the much needed information to the mobile worker.
  • Forms Designer
    Forms Designer

    Create unlimited mobile forms that replicate your existing paper forms.

  • Astea Alliance Extension: Alliance Reporting
    Astea Alliance Extension: Alliance Reporting

    Alliance Reporting provides the closed-loop visibility you need throughout the entire service lifecycle. Our reporting solution empowers your company with the tools they need to continuously track, monitor and improve processes to drive efficiencies at every level of your organization.

  • Network Access Control Module
    Network Access Control Module

    IT administrators who support highly mobile field forces need security solutions that protect their networks without impacting the productivity of the mobile professionals they serve. Mobility’s® Mobile Network Access Control (NAC) Module allows devices to connect to the enterprise network only after meeting specified security policies, and gives administrators greater control and flexibility over how and when to administer remediation policies.

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