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How To Connect With Employees That Don’t Have Email
How To Connect With Employees That Don’t Have Email

For desk-bound office workers, having a corporate email address is a given. For many of these workers, using email comprises a huge chunk of the day—often to their dismay. In stark contrast are deskless workers, the 2.7 billion-person strong portion of the global working population who don’t work from an office, don’t complete their work on a computer, and often, don’t have a company email address. Being able to communicate with employees that don’t have email can be quite the challenge.

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  • Siemens Revolutionizes Truck Maintenance With Microsoft HoloLens And Dynamics 365
    Siemens Revolutionizes Truck Maintenance With Microsoft HoloLens And Dynamics 365

    Over its 170-year history, Siemens has continually reinvented itself. One of its recent innovations is the eHighway, an electrified freight transport system that combines the efficiency of electric railroads with the flexibility of long-haul trucks.

  • Smart-Building Sweet Spot: Connecting Building Data With Service Technicians
    Smart-Building Sweet Spot: Connecting Building Data With Service Technicians

    MacDonald-Miller Facility Solutions makes buildings work better. The Seattle-based contractor not only designs and builds energy-efficient buildings, but it also ensures that they stay that way through post-build optimization services. Its new connected field service solution lets it know when a building’s system is using too much energy or about to fail and dispatches service technicians with the right information, tools, and parts needed to make a first-time fix.

  • Asset Inspection App Cuts Workforce Requirement By Half
    Asset Inspection App Cuts Workforce Requirement By Half

    UK Power Networks serves over eight million customers in the Greater London and south east areas. This large customer base depends on safe, reliable electric service. Recurring fires in underground cable pits posed a public hazard and caused power outages. The utility contracted Black & Veatch to rapidly inspect its facilities. Collector for ArcGIS enabled fast and accurate inspections and provided actionable data to help ensure the public's safety. 

  • How One Of The Nation's Largest Co-Op Utilities Is Using GIS & Location Intelligence To Transform Their Organization

    The utility industry changed more in the last 5 years than it did in the previous century. Those changes brought big data - the raw material containing valuable business insights. Utilities must use information effectively and foster collaboration with all their stakeholders.  In this video, you'll learn how CoServ, one of the nation's largest co-op utilities, is using Esri technology and location intelligence to digitally transform their organization.

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Orkin Embraces The Field Service Evolution

Orkin revamps processes and updates technology to better meet customer expectations, and in doing so saves between $60,000 and $90,000 per month in fleet costs alone.

An Often-Overlooked Tool To Improve The Field Service Customer Experience

In your quest to master the customer experience, consider this technology.

Q&A: Making Field Service Diversity Intentional

Editor in chief Sarah Nicastro talks one-on-one with Dot Mynahan of Otis Elevator about the opportunities for women in field service.

The End Of Field Service

When will today’s connected infrastructure result in the elimination of service appointments altogether?

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  • Teleport Your Reps - Use Augmented Reality To Virtually Bring Remote Experts Onsite

    Augmented Reality is providing real-time remote expert assistance. Boston Scientific, a manufacturer of medical devices used in interventional cardiology, has deployed a Merged Reality app to provide clinicians with expert assistance in the setup and use of their life-saving equipment. In this on-demand webinar Eric Prager from Boston Scientific shares the technology and strategy they have deployed to provide immediate expert assistance, help eliminate travel, and increase customer confidence.

  • The Customer’s Journey – Field-Service Management (FSM) Technology And The Connected Home
    The Customer’s Journey – Field-Service Management (FSM) Technology And The Connected Home

    ServicePower enables field service organizations to deliver faster and smarter service to customers, through a unified FSM suite. The integrated modules enable the field service organization to drive exceptional customer experiences while improving operational performance every step of the way.

  • 3 Real World Applications Of IoT Impacting Field Services
    3 Real World Applications Of IoT Impacting Field Services

    Tired of hearing about the promises of IoT?  Looking for real and practical applications of IoT, relevant to field services?  If you’re interested in hearing how several customers have transformed their field operations with IoT, then this is a webinar you want to watch.

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  • ClickSoftware ClickMobile
    ClickSoftware ClickMobile

    To reap the expected return on investment, you have to tell your mobile workforce when and where they are expected to be, and provide details of the work they are required to do. Your service business will remain inefficient if communicating such information is a manual process. Verbal communications, text messaging, and paper worksheets should be things of the past.

  • FieldAware

    Wonder what intelligent Field Service Automation could do for your business? Companies with 10 to 10,000 technicians can increase profitability, generate more revenue, simplify processes and reduce customer churn with FieldAware. We offer multiple licensing options (as well as a leasing program) designed to meet the unique needs of companies of all sizes.

  • CloudSuite Field Service
    CloudSuite Field Service

    Provide exceptional service. When it comes to completing critical tasks in an industry that relies on highly technical components, you must be able to provide responsive service without sacrificing efficiency or creating unnecessary costs.

  • ClickSoftware ClickSchedule
    ClickSoftware ClickSchedule

    In today’s competitive marketplace, service businesses must constantly rethink how to best provide and improve the services they deliver. It’s a never-ending process. What’s best today risks becoming just “good enough” tomorrow.

  • ServiceStats

    Whether real-time or intensive historical data crunching, a field service business must have visibility to its trends, business intelligence, and key performance indicators in order to forecast and plan for the future and address performance gaps today.

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