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  • Nucleus ROI Case Study: Salesforce And A Facility Management Company

    The company deployed Salesforce Field Service Lightning to unify and synchronize its scheduling on one platform and eliminate ad-hoc processes like scheduling appointments via email that led to difficulties organizing at scale.

  • Localz Enables Safelite Scan To Van

    The goal of the partnership between Localz and Safelite was to provide a digital solution to track their auxiliary stock items in the field, make it easy to replenish in the morning and to empower technicians to make value added sales during an appointment. Store managers are very busy and Safelite needed a simple, automated inventory management system for them to easily track stock in real time, manage the stock levels of each van and ensure technicians had the right stock on their van to support with a first time fix.

  • Munters Rolls Out IFS Remote Assistance To 200 Staff Across 22 Countries In Just 2 Weeks

    Munters is a global leader in energy-efficient and sustainable air treatment solutions for demanding industrial applications and agriculture sectors. Its 3,100 employees manufacture, sell and maintain specialist equipment from its operations in 30 countries.

  • How Lippert Components Is Keeping RV Service Rolling And Supporting Customers From Home

    At Lippert Components, there’s no such thing as a typical day when it comes to servicing our RV customers. Campers, manufacturers, and sales and service dealers have different needs, but all their requests are usually urgent. And although the global COVID-19 pandemic is presenting new challenges, we continue to support our customers — even though we can't help them in person.


Service Growth Portfolio Management

Revenue and market growth are accelerated by a new approach to leading a service business. The Service Growth Portfolio concentrates on value and capability creation in three distinct investment areas: 1) Service Product Offering, 2) Workforce Skills and Behaviors, 3) Enabling Technology.

A Clearer View Of Customer Data

Learnings from a global IT infrastructure service and support provider on achieving a single source of truth for customer information.

Does Technology Enable Or Delay Transformation?

The race to implement the latest platform or build an application to manage a process within service or just move from paper to something mobile has transfixed the service world. Technology has become the primary focus of much of what we read about and captures much of our budgets as we look to transform.

Grocer Rings Up Field Service Improvements

Reliable information technology (IT) support and service are critical for any business. In the grocery industry, store-level IT service can have a direct impact on sales and customer service — if the registers are down, cashiers can’t ring up sales, and customers may simply leave their carts in the aisle and head to the next closest market.


  • Remote Service: Merged Reality For Real-Time Collaboration

    In these unprecedented times, organizations are reimagining how to continue doing business at full speed, without compromise to service delivery and most importantly, safety to their customers and employees. With in-person support minimized or completely removed, businesses are turning to technology like IFS’s merged reality solution, IFS Remote Assistance, to supply that hands-on support 100% virtually.

  • Service From Home: Lessons Learned When Managing Change In Field Service

    A lot of field service organizations have been hit with this new change that requires them to rethink how to run their business. They're looking for support, not only from their organization, but they also want to hear how other companies are holding up in this time of uncertainty. Salesforce Field Service is bringing together businesses to learn and discuss how different organizations are handling the fast and sudden spread of COVID-19. Join us to hear Salesforce field service experts share how they've been supporting their customers during this uncertain time.

  • The New Normal: Learn What Service Leaders Are Doing To Adjust

    Hear from two service industry veterans on how they are navigating their own businesses, employees, and customers through these challenging times. Rodger from United Service Technologies and Blake from GDT Repair and Tim Hortons restaurants will discuss how they are continuing to deliver quality service while being faced with the realities of today’s unprecedented circumstances.



  • CSG Field Service Management Overview

    We have over 20 years’ experience helping the largest digital service providers manage and optimize their field service operation before, during and after day of service.

  • Dista Field: Intelligent Field Service Software To Power Your Mobile Workforce

    Dista Field helps unleash the full potential of your field operations by improving first-time fix rates, ensuring higher service efficiency, and increasing customer delight, thereby elevating your brand loyalty.

  • ECI e-automate

    To grow your equipment maintenance and service operation, you need more than Excel and an accounting package. Find out what an integrated ERP can do for your business.

  • ECI MobileTech

    With MobileTech, your technicians get service call information, can manage their service activities, and input data while out in the field. 

  • A Platform For All Your Field Service Needs

    Fast track your transformation into a best-in-class field service organization with OutSystems.