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How Technology Will Help Field Service Managers Be Successful
How Technology Will Help Field Service Managers Be Successful

Field service managers are simultaneously required to control costs, optimize service efficiency and increase customer satisfaction without impacting quality and safety. Some companies use up the budget to add more field technicians and expand large-scale operations. Others assign more work to field staff and require them to work harder and faster. However, the wisest field service managers take advantage of available technology and a hybrid workforce model to satisfy customers, employees and corporate directives.

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Transforming Field Service Using Live Interactive Video

Live video and augmented reality can have a big impact on customer support.

The Changing Field Service Landscape Is Powering Servitization

Here are some tips to stand out among the competition.

The Service Operation Is A Business

For service to be successful, you need commitment from the top down.

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  • Modernizing Field Service: How To Improve First-Time Fix Through Interactive Video

    The average first-time fix (FTF) rate for service organizations has hovered barely above 70% for years. Even with a proven direct correlation between FTF rates and customer satisfaction rates and profitability, companies struggle with making solid improvements with FTF.

  • How A Secure Enterprise Communication Strategy Can Impact Business Performance
    How A Secure Enterprise Communication Strategy Can Impact Business Performance

    “Everybody at my company communicates perfectly”. Said no one, EVER.  Communication is a struggle for many companies, but so few realize how elemental it is for business success. And for companies with teams of people away from desks, out in the field, the need for improved communication is paramount.

  • Avoid The 3 Biggest Tablet Deployment Mistakes
    Avoid The 3 Biggest Tablet Deployment Mistakes

    The possibility of cost savings, operational efficiencies gained, and the augmentation of data and analytics available have made the deployment of tablets a top priority for many field service organizations. As companies scramble to deploy tablet solutions, there are common pitfalls that — if not properly addressed — will not only drain the organizations’ bottom line, but may also completely disrupt the operation. Join us as we expose the 3 biggest mistakes any company considering deploying an tablet solution should be aware of.

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  • Field Service Lightning
    Field Service Lightning

    Deliver faster, smarter, more personalized service from the phone to the field on one platform with Field Service Lightning.

  • FieldOne Sky
    FieldOne Sky

    The Agile Platform for Intelligent Field Service Management enables companies to deliver world class customer experiences in the field while maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs. The platform incorporates state-of-the art routing and scheduling, advanced work process automation, flexible customer and partner communications capabilities, and robust reporting and business intelligence.

  • KORE Tablet And Managed Connectivity Solution
    KORE Tablet And Managed Connectivity Solution

    The KORE Complete Managed IoT Field Services Solutions.

  • mProdigy

    mProdigy from B2M Solutions goes beyond traditional mobile device management to help companies proactively monitor, analyze and act on real-time information about their mission-critical mobile device deployments.

  • Astea Alliance: Mobile Field Service Software
    Astea Alliance: Mobile Field Service Software

    In today’s competitive market, you need to optimize your field service resources to reduce overhead, yet still find ways to continually improve service value and delivery and generate new revenue. Field service automation is key to accomplishing these strategic goals. Alliance Mobile helps you to do more with less, by making every service engineer your best — with a wealth of knowledge and experience in hand.

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