Simplifying IoT And M2M Deployments: Supply Chain Consolidation
Simplifying IoT And M2M Deployments: Supply Chain Consolidation

Traditionally, IoT and M2M solutions consist of complex supply chain demands that require many different materials, parts, and vendors to manage. Even when deploying a solution consisting completely of off-of-the-shelf components calls for significant logistical coordination to account for procuring, provisioning, testing, and delivering connected devices.

  • Seven IoT Predictions for 2017 - Part II: The Emergence Of Narrowband IoT
    Seven IoT Predictions for 2017 - Part II: The Emergence Of Narrowband IoT

    In our first installment, we took a look at the emergence of rich data transmission of 4G networks and the expected excitement around what 5G may become in the coming year. On the other extreme, expect to see greater adoption of Narrowband IoT (NB-IoT) in 2017. NB-IoT holds a great deal of promise for applications that transmit less complex, less frequent data to automate and simplify existing tasks and create brand new applications, altogether.

  • Seven IoT Predictions For 2017 - Part V: Security Comes To The Forefront
    Seven IoT Predictions For 2017 - Part V: Security Comes To The Forefront

    The promise of IoT continues to be a hot topic. Businesses and consumers dream about how wireless, connected devices will bring an ongoing array of gadgets, conveniences and efficiencies. As developers work hard to keep pace with the demand for innovation, many are also kept up at night with one key topic: IoT Security.

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  • 6 Steps To World Class Field Service Mobility

    In this on-demand webinar you will hear from one of your field service peers, Greg Dykes, Manager of Technical Services at Davey Tree. Greg shares his success story on how to maintain an efficient and secure mobile field service operation from the network to the vehicles to the mobile devices. You will also hear from Alex Torkaman, Solutions Development Manager at Apple who will join Greg in sharing six keys steps to take your field services to the next level.

  • End-to-End Field Service Management, Managing A Service Business In Software

    Field service management software is sometimes seen as a point solution used to manage tasks completed by technicians in the field. Progressive companies, however, know they require end-to-end field service management that should encompass and optimize all aspects of the service delivery process in order to maximize margin and customer satisfaction. When service is more than an afterthought, and is a core factor in your P&L and go-to-market strategy, you need a more comprehensive approach.

  • How A Mobile Communication Platform Helped Turn BioTek’s Service Techs Into Superheros

    In the service world, customers are king. Quick communication can mean the difference between a happy customer or an unsatisfied one.  For service techs on site, bringing the knowledge of the entire service team can be the key to fixing an issue in minutes, instead of a second trip.  Enter a mobile communication platform.  Imagine sending a text or photo to the entire service team and getting your question answered in seconds!  It’s like the ‘Bat Phone’ for service.

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  • Real-World Advice For IoT Success
    Real-World Advice For IoT Success

    The best way to learn how your peers are successfully leveraging M2M/IoT within their organizations is from those peers themselves. This special report features firsthand insight from companies that have been through the IoT selection and deployment process and are reaping the benefits.


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