Rise Of The Augmented Worker
Rise Of The Augmented Worker

How Enterprise Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and the Consumerization of Software will Revolutionize Manufacturing.

  • Three Ways IoT Is Changing Field Service
    Three Ways IoT Is Changing Field Service

    Smart machines are everywhere -- in our homes, our driveways, even our power grids and assembly lines. The number of connected devices has almost doubled over the last three years, from 15 billion in 2015 to more than 25 billion today. By 2025, that number is expected to eclipse 75 billion.

  • Predictive, Not Reactive: Why IoT Is Transforming Field Service
    Predictive, Not Reactive: Why IoT Is Transforming Field Service

    Predictive maintenance is the future of field service — and it just may be here. Here’s what you need to know about implementing predictive maintenance in your organization.

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  • AI Is Coming To Services, But It’s Not Here Yet
    AI Is Coming To Services, But It’s Not Here Yet

    Service Strategies' benchmark study reveals executives' current service business practices and future outlooks as they relate to artificial intelligence.

  • Customer Satisfaction On The Rise

    Field service software implementations are increasingly focused on the customer as the industry shifts to a more proactive service model.

  • Lessons Learned As VP Of Service Operations
    Lessons Learned As VP Of Service Operations

    How teamwork, continuous learning, a readiness for change, and investing in training and cross-functional relationships will serve you well when managing in the service industry.

  • Adaptation, Adoption, And Agility: Your 3-Step Approach To Digital Transformation

    Every company or business has a strategy, whether clearly articulated or not. Unfortunately, often the functions that are essential to achieving a transformation goal — IT, HR, R&D, finance, your service division — aren’t part of developing the strategy or testing whether it is clearly understood. If strategies are not aligned across the entire company or business, it is no wonder that overall business value isn’t achieved, or departments are stuck doing small POCs that never get scale. Setting that strategy correctly is a necessary step from which you can focus on these three A’s: Adaptation, Adoption, and Agility.

  • Guidelines For Improving Customer Satisfaction And Loyalty

    A total and ongoing commitment to your plan and process is essential to moving the needle on meaningful improvement.

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  • The Rapidly Changing World Of Field Service Management

    As the world of field service management continues to rapidly change, service leaders must adapt their viewpoints and strategies in order to differentiate and succeed in today's competitive market. In this Field Service News webinar, Astea's Managing Director, John Hunt, discusses how service leaders are adapting to the changing world of FSM.

  • From Paper To Digital: How To Take The First Step Towards A Digital Transformation

    To keep up with rising customer expectations, field service organizations need to make the move to digital. But where do you begin? And how do you start?

  • The Field Service Workforce Of The Future

    Learn how Astea’s FSM solution coupled with WorkMarket’s online marketplace enables intelligent scheduling and management of contractors to facilitate the right balance of contingent labor supply to meet your target SLAs and fill labor gaps.

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  • Real-World Advice For IoT Success
    Real-World Advice For IoT Success

    The best way to learn how your peers are successfully leveraging M2M/IoT within their organizations is from those peers themselves. This special report features firsthand insight from companies that have been through the IoT selection and deployment process and are reaping the benefits.


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