Field Technologies Ad Specifications

Field Technologies Ad Specifications
Ad Size Requirements
Space Unit Width Height Space Unit Width Height
Full Page - Issue (trim) 8.25" 10.875" Two-Page Spread - Guide (trim) 15.875" 10.875"
Full Page - Issue (bleed) 8.50" 11.125" Two-Page Spread - Guide (bleed) 16.125" 11.125"
Full Page - Guide (trim) 7.9375" 10.875" Two-Thirds Vertical 4.625" 10"
Full Page - Guide (bleed) 8.1875" 11.125" One-Half Vertical 3.375" 10"
Full Page - Supplement (trim) 8.375" 10.875" One-Half Island 4.625" 7.375"
Full Page - Supplement (bleed) 8.625" 11.125" One-Half Horizontal 7" 4.875"
Two-Page Spread - Issue (trim) 16.50" 10.875" One-Third Square 4.625" 4.875"
Two-Page Spread - Issue (bleed) 16.75" 11.125" One-Third Vertical 2.50" 10"

Formats: Submit ad materials in a press-ready Adobe Acrobat PDF [Version 5.0 (1.4) or later] in CMYK color mode. Other file types can be accepted, please contact the production manager for details.

Output resolution for CTP (computer to plate) is 2540. PICT, Paint, GIF, Quicktime, PowerPoint, and Quark or InDesign source files are not acceptable formats.

Colors/Images: RGB, spot, Lab, and ICC-based colors are not accepted and must be converted to process (CMYK) in the original document before processing for ad file output. Link all images. Image resolution must be at least 300 dpi; line art should be at least 800-1200 dpi. Do not save images with screen angles or transfer functions. Images must be positioned in boxes, with a fill of white or 0% black. Do all resizing, rotating, or skewing to graphics within the graphic program, not the page layout program.

Fonts: All fonts must be embedded or converted to outlines and paths.

Bleed/Border: For full-page, ad must extend .125” beyond the trim for each edge that bleeds. For full-page, live materials must be at least .5” from trim, or .625” from bleed edge. Fractional ads do not bleed. Any ad that requires a border must be submitted with the border included.

Color Proofs: A hard copy proof is requested for all digital ad files for print. Color lasers or faxes are accepted, but will be used for content reference only and will not accompany your ad file to the presses. If color is critical, please provide a SWOP-certified proof (with color bars, exposure scales, and crop marks) for color guidance on press. For current SWOP specifications and additional information, go to Jameson Publishing cannot be held responsible for color, positioning, or accuracy of digital file output if a SWOP-certified proof has not been provided.
Frequently Asked Questions

Why is a SWOP-certified proof requested?
SWOP-certified proofs (not color lasers or PDFs) are used by our print company to monitor the colors of ads throughout the print process. The requirement is included with our digital specs, and for current SWOP specifications and additional information, go to Using a SWOP-certified proof allows you to see how your file will print, and if there's any problem, you can have it corrected before submitting to us. You may choose to fax a copy and trust that the colors in the file will print to your satisfaction, but we must ask for your written acknowledgement regarding responsibility.

Does Field Technologies have an FTP site?
Field Technologies does provide an FTP site for uploading files. Please contact our production manager (see below) for more information.
Ad Labeling Requirements When submitting your advertisement to us, include:
  • Magazine title and issue
  • Agency/vendor/advertiser name
  • Production contact and phone numbers
  • File name/number and list of contents
Ad Production
For advertisers requiring total ad production, Field Technologies outsources the ad copy and design work to a local ad agency. Contact the production manager (see below) for more information.

For additional questions about ad requirements, contact:

Lynn Netkowicz
Production Manager
Field Technologies
(814) 897-9000, ext. 205