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  • Batson-Cook Combats The Heat And Embraces Portability With The TOUGHBOOK 33

    Batson-Cook Construction is one of the premier construction organizations in the southeastern United States with expertise in general contracting, construction and design-build contracting. With long days on-site in the southern heat, Batson-Cook’s consumer-grade devices could not withstand daily field conditions—quickly running out of battery power, breaking when dropped, and overheating in the sun. The unreliability of consumer-grade devices caused downtime and high-replacement costs hindered operational efficiency. The use of these devices also posed a challenge during the layout process of construction. The laptops the team was using could not be used in the field, making it difficult for workers to show and visualize measurement discrepancies between the markups on their laptops and on-site.

  • Drone-Based Remote Asset Inspections

    Our customer aimed at providing field technicians with better and clearer insights regarding assets’ conditions and failure sources, through advanced remote collaboration features, which can even be drone-based.

  • Hartwig Turns To Fieldpoint For Mobility And Ease of Use

    When someone needs to have their mill, lathe, grinder or CNC machine tool repaired, chances are they are turning to Hartwig, who has become one of the nation’s leading machine tool and manufacturing support solution companies in the United States. Their support of the machine tool industry has helped decrease downtimes and improve the overall efficiency of the equipment they produce, which has made them the first line of support for the machines they sell.

  • Gas Utility Reduces Inspection Times By 50% Using Mobile App

    Challenged to meet regulatory requirements, a natural gas distribution utility was able to replace slow and unreliable paper data collection processes with a mobile data collection app. The new digital workflow included data capture via bar code saved significant time in getting accurate data into the utility’s digital network as-builting process.


Service Growth Portfolio Management

Revenue and market growth are accelerated by a new approach to leading a service business. The Service Growth Portfolio concentrates on value and capability creation in three distinct investment areas: 1) Service Product Offering, 2) Workforce Skills and Behaviors, 3) Enabling Technology.

A Clearer View Of Customer Data

Learnings from a global IT infrastructure service and support provider on achieving a single source of truth for customer information.

Specialization In FSM Software Brings New Benefits

If your field service management (FSM) platform does not do enough for your organization, it is time to reconsider. Historically, FSM solutions seemed quite similar. Most of the solutions providers in this sector focused on the same core services of scheduling and billing, gradually progressing toward supporting the field service visit as these companies built more advanced capabilities.

Net Promoter Score: The Sum Effect Of Customer Interactions

Customers interact with a company across multiple touch points such as sales, customer service, and technical support. Interactions are not limited to human contact; customers interact with a company’s systems, channels, and products that mold their view as well. These experiences customers have over the myriad interactions influence their perception of an organization.




  • Locality, innovative cellular network performance management software, gives you the ability to manage cellular networks, quickly identify and get to the root of connectivity and other issues, and gather real data to save time, money and resources.

  • Designed for various applications such as mobile point of sale (mPOS), field service, transportation, healthcare and public safety, the 5.5" handheld device is powered by a quad-core CPU and uses the popular Android 4.2 operating system. Integrated into the unit are near field communications technology (NFC), dual GSM SIM card support, RFID, GPS and WLAN/WWAN/Bluetooth 4.0 wireless functions.

  • The TK6000 is built extra-tough for extremely demanding applications. Its magnesium enclosure allows the TK6000 to survive multiple five foot drops onto concrete and it is rated IP67 for water and dust. The TK6000 is easily expandable and customizable, making it the perfect rugged handheld for unique applications. The TK6000 is available as the Carlson Surveyor for land surveying and mining customers through our business partner Carlson Software, Inc.
  • Everything you need to meet your business needs today, with the adaptability to meet the needs of tomorrow.

  • The ThinkPad X Series Tablet raises the convertible notebook to new levels of mobile performance, without sacrificing portability or battery life.