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Solving Challenges Puzzle Maze 3 Service Technology Implementation Challenges And How To Overcome Them

An often overlooked, but critical aspect of any software deployment that touches a service organization is change management and user adoption. Jolt Consulting Group is well versed in change management and user adoption and feels this is the most important and most underappreciated factor in a service technology implementation.


  • Hartwig Turns To Fieldpoint For Mobility And Ease of Use

    When someone needs to have their mill, lathe, grinder or CNC machine tool repaired, chances are they are turning to Hartwig, who has become one of the nation’s leading machine tool and manufacturing support solution companies in the United States. Their support of the machine tool industry has helped decrease downtimes and improve the overall efficiency of the equipment they produce, which has made them the first line of support for the machines they sell.

  • Gas Utility Reduces Inspection Times By 50% Using Mobile App

    Challenged to meet regulatory requirements, a natural gas distribution utility was able to replace slow and unreliable paper data collection processes with a mobile data collection app. The new digital workflow included data capture via bar code saved significant time in getting accurate data into the utility’s digital network as-builting process.

  • Constructing A Better Blueprint For Device Management

    The modern era of technology continues to offer the ability for companies and organizations to streamline their workflows, become more efficient and profitable, as well as extend the reach of their potential business. The changing landscape of technology in construction is continuing to shift and adapt to the competitive needs of this billion dollar industry. Colasanti has been working on continuing their 66 years of success by integrating iOS devices to assist their field employees across the country. Read below to see why they felt the need to bring more technology to their day-to-day operations, the success they have had with it, and how they have managed those devices without having an IT person need to “physically touch each one” using Jamf Now.

  • BD Life Sciences Uses AR To Help Their Field Engineers

    See how how interactive merged reality environments are driving collaboration and competitive value using everyday mobile technologies at BD Life Sciences.


Specialization In FSM Software Brings New Benefits

If your field service management (FSM) platform does not do enough for your organization, it is time to reconsider. Historically, FSM solutions seemed quite similar. Most of the solutions providers in this sector focused on the same core services of scheduling and billing, gradually progressing toward supporting the field service visit as these companies built more advanced capabilities.

Service Growth Portfolio Management

Revenue and market growth are accelerated by a new approach to leading a service business. The Service Growth Portfolio concentrates on value and capability creation in three distinct investment areas: 1) Service Product Offering, 2) Workforce Skills and Behaviors, 3) Enabling Technology.

Net Promoter Score: The Sum Effect Of Customer Interactions

Customers interact with a company across multiple touch points such as sales, customer service, and technical support. Interactions are not limited to human contact; customers interact with a company’s systems, channels, and products that mold their view as well. These experiences customers have over the myriad interactions influence their perception of an organization.

5 Failures of Customer Journey Maps – And How to Avoid Them

Your field force are the key people who interact with customers, day in and day out. One of the foundations often used to ensure that your customers have a consistent experience is to create a customer journey map. When properly trained on and executed, it will guide your team to take the right actions at the right time and to ensure they understand when and how to best engage customers around different circumstances.


  • Optimize Total Experience By Overcoming These FSM Challenges

    In this era of a digitally empowered public; consumer and employee expectations have increased dramatically, and companies need to address the total experience they offer all users of their brand. Leading companies have set a high bar for personalization, convenience, and consistent experiences.

  • How Haemonetics Drives Service Transformation With AI

    Watch Deniz Mullis, Director of Global Services at Haemonetics present during the Copperberg Aftermarket virtual summit. Deniz discusses how Aquant has enabled Haemonetics to scale service and improve quality by turning their Hotline Agents into expert problem solvers.

  • Cut Costs And Improve Efficiencies With IoT-Powered Field Service

    Many organizations are struggling with IoT initiatives, with 51% of respondents rating themselves a three out of five for IoT success in a Forbes Insights survey. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to move your IoT strategy past the experiment phase to achieve tangible business results. 



  • V1500 Series Vehicle Mount Computers

    Get more from your vehicle-mount computers with a compact, all-in-one rugged design, and your choice of hardware and operating system options.

  • Remote MasterMind For Mobility Mobile Device Management Software

    Remote MasterMind for Mobility provides a quick and convenient solution for IT administrators seeking to manage all mobility devices within their network from a single location.

  • Field Service Mobility Solutions

    Customer expectations regarding the speed and quality of field service are rising exponentially. The Web is also making it easier to access or share customer experiences and compare service providers, putting more pressure on you. Modifying a business process to meet new compliance demands or to perform ahead of your competitor’s game can seem like trying to hit a moving target.

  • Dolphin 6000 Scanphone

    Today’s mobile workers require real-time communications and access to critical business data to make informed decisions at the point of customer service. Many of these information workers utilize multiple devices—such as smartphones, VoIP phones, two-way radios, laptop or tablet computers, GPS navigation systems, and bar code scanners—throughout the course of a normal business day.

  • M6501 Mobile Healthcare Pack

    In response to the market demand driven by of aging population around the globe and health self-management, the mobile healthcare pack M6501 has been launched. Its strap design, easy to be carried to use anywhere. The package comprises a thermometer, a blood pressure meter, a blood glucose meter, and a gateway integrated with NFC identification technology and cloud-based service. It helps people and their family manage daily physical conditions to stay healthy and enhance the quality of life.