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You Asked, We Answered: Four Questions About The Current Rugged Mobility Reboot
You Asked, We Answered: Four Questions About The Current Rugged Mobility Reboot

Rugged mobility is getting a reboot and, on June 27, long-time mobility Solutions Architect Rob Karsch of Xplore Technologies joined me and Field Technologies Online for a discussion about what this means for organizations with field-based workforces – including those whose “field” workers are actually assigned within the four walls of a plant or warehouse.

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  • IoT Terminals Enable Intelligent Waste Management
    IoT Terminals Enable Intelligent Waste Management

    Garbage collection is an essential public service in modern-day life that is often taken for granted. Nonetheless, ensuring that our trash and recyclables are efficiently and properly collected and disposed of can be difficult and time-consuming, not to mention costly.

  • IoT Terminals Are The Next Stop For Smart School Bus Inspection And Fleet Management
    IoT Terminals Are The Next Stop For Smart School Bus Inspection And Fleet Management

    School bus service contractors are responsible for getting students to and from school safely and soundly. Besides picking up and dropping off students at designated stops along the bus route, school bus operators are also responsible for inspecting their vehicles before each journey to ensure the safety of passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers on the road. For an operator of a large fleet of school buses, manually inspecting each bus used to be a time-consuming and labor-intensive affair.

  • Rugged Devices Provide Major Benefits Across Departments For City Of Roundrock Texas
    Rugged Devices Provide Major Benefits Across Departments For City Of Roundrock Texas

    Round Rock is a young and tech-oriented community, and that’s reflected in the city’s employees. There was a time when the IT department was responsible for identifying new technology, figuring out the process to implement it and bringing it to the many business units it supports.

  • IoT, AR Transform The Service Ecosystem
    IoT, AR Transform The Service Ecosystem

    “Smart Connected Farms” are no longer a great idea for the future, but a reality. The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) means farmers have access to more data than ever before, improving crop yields and overall operations. Gone are the days of estimation, as “smart connected” farm equipment can do everything from adjusting fertilizer output, optimizing plotted fields, and even analyzing the internal hydraulics of the asset for repair and maintenance.

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Service Growth Depends On An Engaged Field Team

Innovative technologies are exciting, but nothing is more important than empowering your field technicians.

Service Managers Need To Dig Themselves Out Of The Trenches Of Tactical Thinking

Getting mired in the day-to-day is all too easy. In order to achieve field service success, you have to learn to think strategically.

Data: The DNA To Developing Your X-Factor In Field Service

How you leverage data will determine your success in the future of field service.

Attracting The Right Field Technician To Influence The Customer Experience

Modernization through technology can attract field service talent.

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  • Three Buzzwords Critical To Service In 2018 And Beyond

    You are constantly bombarded with buzzwords that are changing as fast as service is evolving.  Artificial Intelligence. Cloud. IoT. Customer-Centric. Omni-Channel. Personalization. The list goes on. It’s hard to keep up with what matters to your service organization today, and in the future.  

  • Rugged Mobility Is Getting A Reboot: What You Need To Know About The Next Generation Of Tablets, Handhelds, And Laptops For Field Service Applications

    Nearly every field service organization has equipped its mobile workers with rugged tablets for over 20 years – long before the idea of the first iPad launched. However, the expanded computing capabilities of handheld devices, along with the shrinking size and weight of clamshell-style mobile computers, are leading many organizations to re-evaluate which mobile device form factor is really right for their different types of mobile workers, and the many different jobs they complete every day.  

  • Service Fulfillment For The Connected Consumer
    Service Fulfillment For The Connected Consumer

    In this webinar, learn how consumers expectations of service have changed with the advent of IoT and connected products. Learn how to better connect with these consumers and deliver faster, smarter service.

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  • DLI 8800 Rugged Mobile POS Tablet
    DLI 8800 Rugged Mobile POS Tablet In the store. At the customer’s home. Pool side, court side or at the front gate. Wherever payment gets taken or retail business gets done, that’s where you’ll find the DLI 8800 rugged mobile POS tablet.
  • IoT-800 IoT Terminal
    IoT-800 IoT Terminal

    IoT-800 is an advanced operator interface that supports a flexible I/O interface and powerful connectivity features. IoT-800 is one of the most rugged products in the AMobile line, allowing deployment in a wide range of versatile applications. As an HMI, IoT-800 allows operators to easily monitor, control and connect their processes. The IoT terminal is engineered for use in industries such as: internet of vehicles, medical, retail, or other automation applications.

  • Honeywell MS9590i VoyagerGS™
    Honeywell MS9590i VoyagerGS™ Honeywell’s MS9590i VoyagerGS™ hand-held laser scanner delivers a rugged and reliable solution for scanning all standard 1D bar codes in challenging environments. The MS9590i incorporates reinforced housing which is ideal for light industrial and warehousing applications.
  • EasyDL Software Plug-In
    EasyDL Software Plug-In

    Easy DL™ software plug-in parses bar code data found on government-issued identification cards to deliver ready to use information to the host system.

  • MT1010 10.1-inch Rugged Windows Tablet
    MT1010 10.1-inch Rugged Windows Tablet

    Rugged Windows Tablet with 10.1-Inch Widescreen Display and Plenty of I/O.

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