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AWE Show Report: Inching Closer To Reality
AWE Show Report: Inching Closer To Reality

The 2019 Augmented Wearables Expo (AWE) took place in sunny Santa Clara, Calif. This year’s AWE 2019 featured a large “play area” dedicated to entertainment-oriented use cases. With more than 7,000 attendees, 250 exhibitors, and 300 speakers, AWE pulled in a large crowd over its three-day run. AWE is primarily oriented toward smart glasses hardware and software, though other forms of novel interfaces are included. Smart suits and smart fabrics, including innovative applications of haptic technology, have their place in the conference, expanding the scope of “solutions” on display.

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  • Constructing A Better Blueprint For Device Management
    Constructing A Better Blueprint For Device Management

    The modern era of technology continues to offer the ability for companies and organizations to streamline their workflows, become more efficient and profitable, as well as extend the reach of their potential business. The changing landscape of technology in construction is continuing to shift and adapt to the competitive needs of this billion dollar industry. Colasanti has been working on continuing their 66 years of success by integrating iOS devices to assist their field employees across the country. Read below to see why they felt the need to bring more technology to their day-to-day operations, the success they have had with it, and how they have managed those devices without having an IT person need to “physically touch each one” using Jamf Now.

  • BD Life Sciences Uses AR To Help Their Field Engineers
    BD Life Sciences Uses AR To Help Their Field Engineers

    See how how interactive merged reality environments are driving collaboration and competitive value using everyday mobile technologies at BD Life Sciences.

  • MH Equipment Finds It Easy To Evolve Into A Completely Paperless Company With Rugged Mobility Solution
    MH Equipment Finds It Easy To Evolve Into A Completely Paperless Company With Rugged Mobility Solution

    MH Equipment has not been quick to adopt technology just for technology’s sake. Over the years, they have reviewed electronic solutions but did not find one that seemed to have all the efciencies that would justify the investment. MH Equipment wanted to eliminate paper across sourcing, inventory management, customer service and accounts payable functions.

  • IoT Terminals Enable Intelligent Waste Management
    IoT Terminals Enable Intelligent Waste Management

    Garbage collection is an essential public service in modern-day life that is often taken for granted. Nonetheless, ensuring that our trash and recyclables are efficiently and properly collected and disposed of can be difficult and time-consuming, not to mention costly.

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The Importance Of Service For A Best-In-Class Manufacturing Company

As manufacturers recognize that happier customers equal higher profits, customer experience is becoming a critical competitive differentiator.

Lessons Learned As VP Of Service Operations

How teamwork, continuous learning, a readiness for change, and investing in training and cross-functional relationships will serve you well when managing in the service industry.

Customer Satisfaction On The Rise

Field service software implementations are increasingly focused on the customer as the industry shifts to a more proactive service model.

Guidelines For Improving Customer Satisfaction And Loyalty

A total and ongoing commitment to your plan and process is essential to moving the needle on meaningful improvement.

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  • Discover The Power Of The Cloud For FSM

    Can you guarantee your customers uninterrupted service? Your customers demand fast, uninterrupted service. Can you guarantee your in-house servers that host critical systems such as your FSM platform—won’t ever go down unexpectedly?

  • The State Of Service 2020: The Asset, The Outcomes, And The Business
    The State Of Service 2020: The Asset, The Outcomes, And The Business

    Service is changing in a number of ways. New entrants, customer demands, and technological advancements are leading organizations to make bold changes to the business in several key ways.

  • The Rapidly Changing World Of Field Service Management

    As the world of field service management continues to rapidly change, service leaders must adapt their viewpoints and strategies in order to differentiate and succeed in today's competitive market. In this Field Service News webinar, Astea's Managing Director, John Hunt, discusses how service leaders are adapting to the changing world of FSM.

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  • xTablet T1500
    xTablet T1500

    The xTablet T1500 is engineered for mobile workers looking for improvements to their operational productivity and efficiency. The xTablet T1500 features a large, 10.1” display with many other state-of-the-art features and functions. Inside is an Intel BayTrail-T processor along with 2GB of RAM running Windows 8.1 or Windows 10, which is adequate horsepower to handle your enterprise software, security and standard Windows applications.

  • V1200 Series Vehicle-Mount Computers

    Get more from your vehicle-mount computers with a compact, all-in-one rugged design, and your choice of hardware and operating system options.

  • Mobile Deployment Services
    Mobile Deployment Services The Stratix Deployment Services team simplifies these challenges and helps you build an intelligent mobile enterprise. We are the mobile experts.
  • Panasonic Toughbook-T7
    Panasonic Toughbook-T7 The Toughbook T7 laptop is lightweight, yet durable with a built-in hand strap and a powerful Intel® Core 2 Duo Processor. Built with legendary Toughbook reliability and unparalleled portability, the Toughbook T7 keeps up with today's busiest mobile professionals
  • Motorola MC67 Mobile Computer
    Motorola MC67 Mobile Computer

    Give your field workforce the tools they need to work faster and smarter with the rugged 4G HSPA+ MC67.

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