Field Service Software Thought Leadership

  1. Maximize Consumer Loyalty & Consumer Spend With Hyper-Personalization

    In this Aberdeen whitepaper, find out the real ROI of transforming your shopper experience strategy.

  2. Building An Effective Services Management Plan

    Building a strategic plan for services management is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle: First you need all the pieces, and then you have to fit them all together. However, there are several key questions that must be addressed before embarking on the services planning journey.

  3. The State Of Field Service Management

    Services shape our world — from the electricity that lights our homes to the networks that keep us connected. For the organizations providing these services, some of the most important work happens in the field — in neighborhoods, across open spaces, and along millions of last miles.

  4. How To Shine On The Service Stage

    To go beyond selling and fixing equipment and fully embrace a service-centric business model, you need efficient business processes that help you build better margins and grow your business. With increased levels of competition from distributors and manufacturers who are expanding beyond their core business competencies to lock customers into service and maintenance contracts, profit margins on equipment sales are quickly shrinking and business is getting tougher.

  5. The ERP Buying Guide

    To stay ahead in today’s competitive markets, an increasing number of service-centric businesses are expanding their offerings to include managed services. From installing and tracking serialized equipment to providing supplies and maintenance, service providers in industries ranging from office equipment to security and banking are being driven by shrinking margins, pricing pressure, and competition to deliver more value for customers.

  6. How Cloud Hosting Benefits Your Field Service Organization

    In today’s field service environment, service-centric businesses must align themselves with customer expectations more closely, respond to market changes more swiftly, and deliver services more quickly and consistently.

  7. FSM Software Implementation Best Practices

    Enterprise software deployments are costly and complicated and come with significant risk. Gartner estimates that between 55 percent and 75 percent of ERP deployments fail to meet their objectives. In 2015, the Standish Group’s CHAOS Report claimed that just 29 percent of enterprise management information systems (MIS) projects were considered successful.

  8. How To Manage Your Customer Base With Service Contract Renewals

    In a world that is placing more and more emphasis on the customer experience, service contracts and service contract renewals are playing a greater role in helping companies improve that experience.

  9. Next Steps In AI Data Analytics

    Analytics will always be the foundation of effective AI, and for that reason they are often the first, most important step in a firm’s successful move towards AI-powered data analytics and utilities. Explore the advantages and opportunities presented by working with IFS to develop artificial intelligence data analytics and integrating AI analytics within your organization.

  10. Uses Of AI Applications: Cutting Through The Noise

    Artificial intelligence has countless potential use cases, many of which are not inherently evident out-of the box. This report explores some practical optimization efforts that organizations are employing with the help of AI, in terms of the impact that robot process automation can have on a business, as well as other outcomes of success, and how they’re powered by artificial intelligence.