Field Service Software Case Studies

  1. Driving Company-Wide Efficiency And Accuracy With Mobile FSM

    Maxson Associates is a family-owned, third-generation business based in Charlotte, North Carolina, offering life safety, space management, and smart day lighting solutions that allow for safe, flexible, spaces for buildings. Based on the deep experience throughout the organization, Maxson is uniquely qualified to successfully tackle some of the most complicated design projects, where other companies cannot.

  2. Pesado Goes Mobile, Saves Big.

    Psado's administrative side of the business also racked up high costs and collected field data was vulnerable to inaccuracies. To tighten its business processes, Pesado equipped its field techs with a mobile form solution on iOS devices. 

  3. Instron Turns Services From A Cost Center Into A Profit Center With FSM Solution

    When customers such as US Steel, GM, Ford and Becton Dickinson rely on you for service, it’s pivotal to have the most dynamic and comprehensive field service management (FSM) software on the market. As a pioneer manufacturer of universal testing equipment, Instron was tasked to turn services from a cost center into a profit center and increase profitability without additional overhead.

  4. Terminal Giant Vopak Mobilizes Workforce, Increases Employee Efficiency By 50% With Low-code Platform

    At Vopak, one of the world’s largest tank terminal operators for the oil and gas industry, a real cloud revolution is underway. In a nutshell: exit the less flexible JD Edwards ERP system and enter all the benefits of standardized SaaS and customized PaaS. The company is using OutSystems to build large mission-critical applications to support their core processes, enabling the company to mobilize their workforce and use real-time insights in logistics and driving a productivity increase in the terminal.

  5. Las Vegas Wins Big With A Mobile Inspector App In Just Three Months

    The City of Las Vegas wanted to rapidly develop user-centric applications for its citizens and staff in order to stay competitive. The first proof of concept: a new building inspection app. The city started by restructuring and modernizing its back-end ecosystem, but needed to choose the right rapid front-end delivery platform to deliver its value to users. OutSystems enabled the city to develop the first app in just six sprints over 12 weeks, kickstarting a mission to improve all kinds of services for 600,000+ citizens.

  6. With Inventory In Constant Motion, YAK MAT Leverages OutSystems To Simplify Processes

    Access mat supplier YAK MAT needed a new ERP to track their vast inventory that’s spread across multiple supply yards and always on the move. OutSystems allowed them to build a customized ERP with all the integration and automation features they needed, and now, suppliers, customers, and the business are enjoying increased efficiency.

  7. 3D Systems Accelerates Service Team Performance With Service Intelligence Solution

    For more than 30 years, 3D Systems has developed and delivered cutting-edge 3D printers. Recently, its customers have evolved from using 3D printing technology primarily for prototyping towards developing manufactured products for end users. As a result, providing exceptional service became even more critical.

  8. Innovating For Field Safety In Utilities

    A company believed one of its core missions was to become the utilities industry leader in safety. Severe accidents from hazardous gas leaks were uncommon but high-impact events generally accepted as an inherent risk of operating energy delivery systems. However, the CFO considered the change a critical necessity that could be accelerated with emerging technology. The goal was to eliminate or substantially reduce safety risks for employees, contractors, customers, and communities.

  9. NOV Harnesses The Power Of Industrial IoT Data For The Oil & Gas Mobile Workforce

    NOV believes in purposeful innovation because they see what others don’t and then act on it. Venado Technologies focuses on innovating and creating value at the intersection of information technology and operational technology. Together, Venado and NOV created the MobileRT program to generate positive business outcomes for NOV and their customers.

  10. The Secret Life Of Water At Evoqua Water Technologies

    Evoqua Water Technologies indirectly affects the water used by hundreds of millions of people around the world. It provides water purification and management solutions—filtrations, separation, disinfection, technologies, and service—used by 70 percent of US municipalities, 90 percent of the largest US chemical companies, 85 percent of pharmaceutical companies, the world’s largest food and beverage companies, and 60 percent of US Navy vessels.