Field Service Software Solutions

  1. Astea Alliance Extension: Business Intelligence

    Uniquely optimized for Microsoft Analysis Services platform, Alliance BI provides the comprehensive and robust business intelligence functions that you need to clearly identify and understand the catalysts driving your business. What differentiates Astea’s Alliance BI solution is that it is fully integrated with the Astea Alliance solution, providing critical data from departments, that are traditionally dispersed across the organization, such as service, marketing, sales, contact center, depot repair, contracts, and logistics.

  2. ETAdirect Professional

    ETAdirect Professional offers not merely the simplicity and ease of SaaS software, but also the adaptive intelligence of patented algorithms that learn from experience.

  3. ClickSoftware ClickPlan

    For any business, the secret to delivering service efficiently lies in having the right number of skilled resources available whenever they are needed. Employing too many people can raise costs, while lowering employee efficiency and profitability. Employing too few can create a customer experience that is less than satisfactory.

  4. Network Access Control Module

    IT administrators who support highly mobile field forces need security solutions that protect their networks without impacting the productivity of the mobile professionals they serve. Mobility’s® Mobile Network Access Control (NAC) Module allows devices to connect to the enterprise network only after meeting specified security policies, and gives administrators greater control and flexibility over how and when to administer remediation policies.

  5. ETAdirect Enterprise

    With ETAdirect Enterprise, you can impose order and efficiency on these operations, while dramatically increasing workforce productivity and enhancing your customers’ experience.

  6. ClickSoftware ClickRoster

    Now you can plan and managed real-time crew requirements based on a n optimal blend of customer demand, resource availability, and operational objectives.

  7. vx Maintain - Maintenance Management

    Visibility and control over work orders, assets, facilities, and contractors.

  8. SRM Knowledge Management
    CSDP’s Knowledge Management’s intelligent decision tree logic helps your Contact Center and field service employees or end-customers access the answers to frequently asked questions, product information sheets, service documentation and much more. Ensure consistency across your service organization with a centralized information repository.
  9. Policy Management Module

    Mobile computing, particularly over wireless and public networks, presents new management and security challenges. Often, there are multiple networks, many types of devices and different groups of mobile workers with varying roles and application requirements.

  10. vx Observe - Remote Asset Management

    Use equipment data to remotely prioritize, triage, and correct.