Field Service Software Solutions

  1. Astea Alliance: Contact Center

    Astea Contact Center provides real-time access to a comprehensive view of all information required to support customers. Integrated, multi-channel inbound/outbound capabilities provide for unparalleled customer support, whether that means placing an order, updating records, making payments, receiving remote support, or scheduling a service call.

  2. Motorola MC1000: Wireless Barcode Scanner
    Quest introduced WTMiP. WTM32 customers could upgrade their systems to receive IP communications into their host systems as well as maintain their existing receiving system.When Symbol Technologies introduced the MC1000, a lower priced, yet powerful unit was identified as the bridge to advancing to new technology.
  3. Astea Alliance: Professional Services

    Alliance Professional Services supports management of knowledge workers, such as those deployed by professional services organizations and internal service departments of large organizations. It simplifies project planning, automates deployment and tracking, improves coordination, and reduces operating and administrative costs.

  4. Policy Management Module

    Mobile computing, particularly over wireless and public networks, presents new management and security challenges. Often, there are multiple networks, many types of devices and different groups of mobile workers with varying roles and application requirements.

  5. ClickSoftware ClickWorkOrder

    One of the keys to delivering great service is making sure your field resources know how much work they need to do. It sounds simple, but work orders are rarely identical. They vary widely in terms of service level, customer entitlement, location and duration.

  6. Swyft Platform For Enterprise

    The Swyft Platform for Enterprise is a suite of applications that help enterprises pull and push data from various business applications to eliminate redundant data entry and reduce the time necessary to complete important business processes.

  7. SRM Marketing & Quote Generation
    CSDP’s Marketing software supports your service sales force in their day-to-day activities, helping your in-house and and field service sales team to save time, drive sales and improve customer relationships.
  8. IFS Enterprise Service Management

    As an integral part of IFS Applications™, the most agile ERP system on the market, IFS Service Management provides extensive service and asset management capabilities with all the benefits of a comprehensive ERP system.

  9. IFS Field Service Management

    For product and service-based businesses, the quality of their product, service and reputation is everything. Where many such organizations are challenged is how effectively and smoothly they manage the countless moving parts of their complex service organization. This is where IFS Field Service Management shines.

  10. FieldOne Sky

    The Agile Platform for Intelligent Field Service Management enables companies to deliver world class customer experiences in the field while maximizing efficiency and minimizing costs. The platform incorporates state-of-the art routing and scheduling, advanced work process automation, flexible customer and partner communications capabilities, and robust reporting and business intelligence.