Field Service Software Solutions

  1. Analytics Module

    Without knowing the true state of your mobile deployment, it’s impossible to make the kinds of intelligent decisions that will help your business run more securely and efficiently.

  2. ETAworkforce For Salesforce Users

    By connecting your sales staff, customer service reps, field service workers and customers directly in one powerful application, ETAworkforce from TOA Technologies can help you set standards for customer satisfaction and worker productivity that you never dreamed possible.

  3. Astea Alliance: Sales

    Alliance Sales consolidates and streamlines the selling of equipment and services, from quote generation through order processing, at all points of customer contact, including outside sales, inside sales, contact center sales, and field service sales.

  4. SRM Dispatch/Mobile
    The SRM© Service Dispatch software is a powerful tool for managing and coordinating communications, assignment, warranty entitlement and labor tracking across your service lifecycle management organization.
  5. Mobile Field Worker Solution

    If your field workers are like most others, one of their biggest challenges is staying productive while fighting through piles of paper. Instead of focusing on actual field work, they spend entirely too much time filling out paper forms and trying to submit them with outdated tools and processes.

  6. Onsight Hub

    Share Live Visuals From Specialized Test Instruments.

  7. ClickSoftware ClickPlan

    For any business, the secret to delivering service efficiently lies in having the right number of skilled resources available whenever they are needed. Employing too many people can raise costs, while lowering employee efficiency and profitability. Employing too few can create a customer experience that is less than satisfactory.

  8. Forms Designer

    Create unlimited mobile forms that replicate your existing paper forms.

  9. ClickSoftware ClickLocate

    Keeping track of your field resources has never been more important for the safety and security of your business. Thanks to the maturity of location-based service technologies, such as Global Positioning Systems (GPS), this is now a seamless activity.

  10. Astea Alliance Extension: Business Intelligence

    Uniquely optimized for Microsoft Analysis Services platform, Alliance BI provides the comprehensive and robust business intelligence functions that you need to clearly identify and understand the catalysts driving your business. What differentiates Astea’s Alliance BI solution is that it is fully integrated with the Astea Alliance solution, providing critical data from departments, that are traditionally dispersed across the organization, such as service, marketing, sales, contact center, depot repair, contracts, and logistics.