• 7 Benefits Of Cloud Computing

    We’ve all heard about the “cloud”—how wonderful it is and how’s it’s going to change the face of technology. The way we purchase software will never be the same, right? 

  • COVID-19: What About Your Customers?

    Since our last Coronavirus post, it has become even more clear that this is not a temporary phenomenon.  Service and support processes have been impacted.  Field service managers are scrambling to re-calibrate their service organizations so their service techs can work from home. Hospitals are requesting that no techs enter the building unless it’s related to COVID-19. Work is being scheduled for off-hours. When a customer calls in for service, you now have to ask them questions about their own employees who may or may not be experiencing symptoms (and enter their answers in your CRM). If a tech does do work on site, they no longer are asking for signatures so that people aren’t touching their phones/tablets.

  • Creators Wanted: 3 Tips For Building A Future Ready Workforce

    Manufacturing companies face a dual challenge of attracting the next generation of talent and retaining longer-tenured employees in an era of intelligent manufacturing. On the employee side, workers need to keep their skills up to date in a world that feels like it’s changing right in front of them. 

  • How Virtual Agents Transform The Customer Experience

    We often hear the phrases customer experience and customer engagement used interchangeably. But these terms have completely separate meanings. Customer experience is a single event with the customer—a service issue, a promotion, a survey. Customer engagement is a collection of customer experiences that impact engagement such as loyalty, advocacy, and so on. Both customer experience and customer engagement are significant to a company’s overall success.

  • Derive Actionable Insights From Your Customer Service Data

    We’re introducing a new homepage within Dynamics 365 Customer Service Insights that deciphers data into a more consumable view. By surfacing key topics discovered and generated by AI, customer service managers can more easily discover issues and monitor progress.



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  • Overcoming The Barriers To Servitization

    Around the world, organizations that once sold products are looking to “as a service” business models as a way to future-proof themselves. It all begins with a focus on customer outcomes, rather than products or services. Competitiveness is no longer about offering cheaper, faster or better products, but about disrupting the market by transforming into an organization that’s agile, customer-centric and ultimately focused on delivering a superior experience. However, this represents a profound change in mindset and behavior.

  • A Cohesive Approach To FSM And Service Parts Planning

    Astea partners with Baxter Planning to bring you an interview with Astea's Emily Hackman and Baxter Planning's Mike Ross about how to integrate FSM and service parts into one solution. 

  • Discover The Power Of The Cloud For FSM

    Can you guarantee your customers uninterrupted service? Your customers demand fast, uninterrupted service. Can you guarantee your in-house servers that host critical systems such as your FSM platform—won’t ever go down unexpectedly?


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