• Field Service Insight Trend #1: Mobile Augmented Reality

    The rollout of mobile technology is reaching a tipping point in the market. Many organizations have well-established mobile applications that connect to cloud platforms that provide immediate views into the operational workflows of their business. It is estimated that by 2020 75% of all field service organizations will be using mobile tech for their operations. This will ensure that technicians have the most up-to-date information when they need it and enhance the data capture from the field.

  • Field Service Insight Trend #5: Empowering Dealer Networks

    The equipment dealer industry is experiencing several trends which will continue to drive the need for dealers to modernize their business and operational systems, and enable a more connected experience with their customers. Further, as the equipment rental industry continues to expand, investments in optimizing the workflow will provide significant cost and operational savings.

  • Field Service Insight Trend #3: Understanding Big Data

    Making smarter, data-based decisions is a key innovation focus. With cloud-based analytics, organizations can bring disparate datasets to one place and harness the insights with all relevant information at their fingertips. This can be achieved through machine learning, whereby data is moved from a rear-view (reports that tell you what has happened/what the trends are) to a more predictive forward-view which can help with business planning.

  • Field Service Insight Trend #4: Telematics Optimizing Operational Workflows

    Leading organizations who have deployed telematics are looking to get more value from collected data to drive improvements in their operations. Businesses that invest in telematics are able to drive connected workflows and see many benefits, especially when combined with analytics to drive process improvements. To realize these benefits, it is important to have a tight connection with the workforce and the assets required to complete the assigned jobs. There are many instances where getting a real-time data feed from the field can result in dramatic improvements to the job workflow. Fleet and equipment telematics systems capture useful data, and organizations that are putting that data to good use are making strides in the market. 

  • Field Service Insight Trend #2: IoT - Computing At The Edge

    The technology landscape for IoT devices is undergoing a big change. The data protocols used to connect assets to the cloud are being upgraded, providing new opportunities and use cases for a wide range of industries. Although the shift from 3G to LTE has been in place for consumer technology, its impacts on commercial telematics is just starting to be felt. This is especially true for North America where many of the large network carriers are rolling out new dedicated protocols and expanding to other markets in Europe and China.

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