• Three Reasons Why An AI investment Will Help Reduce Service Costs

    Economists are predicting a global recession in 2023. How should companies prepare? One response is to cut costs across the board; scaling back on discretionary expenditures, reducing headcounts, or cutting digital transformation efforts. 

  • Evolving Deskless Productivity

    Managing a large, mobile workforce to successfully deliver complex jobs is no easy feat—let alone being able to do it in the most cost effective, productive and efficient way. Historically, a lack of purpose-built software solutions has done little to assist, even as the numbers of deskless workers around the world have soared to more than 2.7 billion people. 

  • 10 Operational Advantages Of Field Service Automation

    The field service landscape has greatly evolved to include organizations in nearly every industry, due in large part to the technological advances that have enabled businesses to deliver their products and services directly to their customers. The advent of these technologies have sparked digital transformation initiatives among field service companies; and those who fail to keep up will risk falling behind their competitors.

  • Consumer Financing – Why Now, And Why Field Service?

    Picture this: You’re at the car dealership finally buying that 2022 Lamborghini Huracan EVO convertible you’ve been dreaming of. However, unless you can drop $200K in cash, you’ll need to do what most people must when buying a car–head in back to see the finance manager. For major purchases like cars, homes, or college tuition, taking out a closed-end loan is the only way the average person can afford it.

  • Maybe What Field Service Needs Is A Dose Of Fresh Perspective

    As I’ve traveled from city to city the last two months for the Future of Field Service Live Tour, I’ve been reminded how much perspective is gained by meeting new people and seeing different places. By getting out of your comfort zone and removing the lens of familiarity. I grew up in a small town and I didn’t take my first flight until I was in college (my father still has never flown) so the opportunity to soak up these experiences is one I always cherish.


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  • Activate Service Data: Aligning Teams, Customers, Equipment, And Processes

    How can service data benefit entire organizations, their products, and customers? It’s all about strategically using data to meet evolving service needs and challenges around the globe, says Mike Ferraro, Werfen’s Worldwide Service Director. Learn how his team is using that data to help benchmark themselves against competitors and better manage the way they deploy their resources. Watch the on-demand session with Werfen, Copperberg, and Aquant to discover tools for leveraging non-traditional insights.

  • What Do Connected Products Really Mean?

    Learn the key components of a connected product, and how to avoid common challenges.

  • Building A World-Class Service Organization

    Watch this Q&A with Microsoft for expert insights on how to deliver service excellence.


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