• Unpacking The Low-Code Application Platform Acronym: Ten Things You Need To Ask About LCAP For The Field

    The tech industry loves acronyms—it has one of the richest abbreviated slang vocabularies of any industry. While this helps insiders to rapidly communicate with each other, it can leave the very people it’s meant to serve baffled. With Gartner’s newly coined term, Low-Code Application Platform (LCAP), and the shift towards it, it’s worth examining for those evaluating LCAP solutions for the field.

  • How Mobile Equipment Management Software Can Cut Costs And Improve Operations

    There’s a high cost to be paid for poor enterprise asset management (EAM). For capital-intensive sectors such as heavy manufacturing, oil and gas, and utilities, downtime is the single largest source of lost productivity and revenue. According to analyst company Aberdeen Research, unplanned downtime can cost manufacturers as much as $260,000 an hour.

  • Fireside Chat: How To Kickstart Your Digital Transformation With Low-Code Apps

    It’s getting colder and there’s no better way to cozy up than with a fireside chat! In the first of two fireside chats, ProntoForms’ Product Management VP Russ Halliday and Product Marketing Manager Joel Fear discuss the impact of low-code application platforms (LCAP) in fieldwork. So load up on smores and prepare to learn how LCAPs are shaping field processes and digital transformation.

  • Successfully Navigate Application And Device Migrations

    Upgrading legacy mobile applications and devices is always a challenge for organizations with large firstline workforces. Key trends -  such as the shift from Windows-based to Android rugged device operating systems, as well as the need to update antiquated application user experience - are ratcheting up the pressure to migrate to new devices and applications. As you start thinking about migrating these devices, what do you need to consider to ensure a smooth transition? This article will explore what you need to think about prior to transitioning your team will be using their devices on the job sooner and more effectively.

  • How Fleet Management Solutions Can Help Reduce Costs

    Managing vehicles and drivers is expensive. The costs of fuel, vehicle repairs, workers’ comp claims, legal costs, and other line items can add up quickly. Investing in a fleet management solution can help you reduce these costs, so you have the flexibility to dedicate budget toward growing your fleet.

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  • Discover The Power Of The Cloud For FSM

    Can you guarantee your customers uninterrupted service? Your customers demand fast, uninterrupted service. Can you guarantee your in-house servers that host critical systems such as your FSM platform—won’t ever go down unexpectedly?

  • The State Of Service 2020: The Asset, The Outcomes, And The Business

    Service is changing in a number of ways. New entrants, customer demands, and technological advancements are leading organizations to make bold changes to the business in several key ways.

  • The Rapidly Changing World Of Field Service Management

    As the world of field service management continues to rapidly change, service leaders must adapt their viewpoints and strategies in order to differentiate and succeed in today's competitive market. In this Field Service News webinar, Astea's Managing Director, John Hunt, discusses how service leaders are adapting to the changing world of FSM.

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