• Self-Service: Create Happy Customers & Reduce Costs

    Helping customers help themselves — also known as “self-service” — has become a necessity in CX programs. This report will explore the reasons why that is, and will highlight the building blocks needed to achieve success in implementing self-service.

  • Customer Experience Executive's Agenda 2018: How To Satisfy The Empowered Customer

    Improving customer satisfaction is the number one priority driving the CX executive agenda in 2018. This means meeting and exceeding rapidly changing buyer expectations to retain existing buyers and acquire new ones. Complementing this goal are several other key objectives, including increasing brand awareness and loyalty, which requires firms to first create happy customers to drive sustainable gains in this area.

  • Mobile Innovation Enables Industrial Kitchen Equipment Installer To Stand Out In A Competitive Market

    A rugged tablet solutions allows 3C Compétence Cuisine Collective to executive an aggressive growth strategy.

  • Why You Shouldn’t Risk Using Consumer Apps For Work Communication

    For most workers today, instant messaging or chat is a must-have to power real-time communication and collaboration. But conducting work communications over consumer apps is a risky undertaking. From security to central administration, there are many reasons you shouldn’t risk using consumer apps for work communication.

  • Integrated Communication Apps: Get Employees On The Same Page

    The collaboration and communication tech markets are inextricably linked—at least in terms of how business users expect them to operate. It’s the vendors that tend to be miles apart, which can cause pain for users. I covered the distinction between communication and collaboration in a previous blog with this key takeaway; you can collaborate all day long but unless you communicate in real-time, productivity takes a hit and things can very quickly start to break down. That’s why it’s so important for these two functions to be connected through technologies like integrated communication apps.

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3 Assumptions About Your Employees That Inhibit Field Service Innovation 3 Assumptions About Your Employees That Inhibit Field Service Innovation

Can you think of an area in your life where the anticipation of change was far worse than the change itself? I’ll share an example of my own. When my first son was born, he slept in our room for the first few months. When the time came to move him to his nursery, he was sleeping well – and the anticipation of rocking the boat was dreadful. I put it off and put it off, terrified of a return to sleepless nights. In reality, the transition was far smoother than what I’d envisioned. When it was done, I felt silly for getting so worked up about it and making such a negative assumption about how the change would play out.

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  • Fix Your Technician Resource Gap

    70% of companies will face a field service talent deficit from retirement in the coming 10 years. To fix the technician labor force shortage, you can either hire the next generation of field engineers—the millennials—or consider leveraging contingent or third-party technicians . . . or a combination of the two! Both options pose challenges and rewards that you need to consider.

  • Reverse Logistics And The Art Of Forecasting Returns

    Service organizations know that reverse logistics is a complicated process. What’s even more complicated is identifying opportunities to make proactive business decisions, given the reactive nature of the returns service lifecycle. How can we better forecast our returns to better manage the reverse supply chain and its impact on your business?

  • Improve Margins And Customer Retention With IoT In Parts Management

    Discover how leading companies are using IoT in parts management and discover new tools to achieve your margins and customer retention goals. 

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