Mobile Computing Solutions

  1. Janam XM60+ Handheld Mobile Computer

    The XM60+ is feature-rich and affordable. This rugged Windows® CE mobile computer, delivers advanced barcode scanning, robust WLAN communication and long battery life. It features the latest, most powerful Freescale processor and double data rate (DDR) memory, making it faster than other devices in its class. And Janam's XM Series devices are the only products in the rugged mobile computing category that weigh less than 10 ounces and have a full 3.5" display.

  2. microFlash® 4t/4te Series — Portable Thermal Printer
    The flagship of the Datamax-O'Neil Family is the microFlash® 4-inch series of serial and wireless direct thermal portable printers. For wireless applications, the new 4te enhanced version comes with Bluetooth and 802.11b/g connectivity options.
  3. Field Sales Mobility Solutions
    Success depends on your ability to evolve with new customer demands and competitive pressures, which can change on a daily basis. In a June 2009 benchmark study by Aberdeen Group, 73% of 129 best-in-class organizations surveyed have a mobility initiative in place that is delivering a more agile process workflow in stores, warehouse and logistics, and extended supply chain operations without increasing TCO.
  4. Glacier M330-M3 Series Handheld Computer

    Glacier makes it easy to select the right device for the job because every M3 series handheld is completely configurable. The Glacier M330 is a multi-function, rugged handheld computer, running Windows CE 5.0, combining barcode scanning, camera, voice and touchscreen display.

  5. Wilson Wireless Boosters
    For applications where your devices don't have an external antenna port, or where you need to boost the signal for multiple devices in fairly close proximity, Wilson wireless boosters are a great asset.
  6. Janam XM66 Handheld Mobile Computer

    Ease of use, durability, and flexibility are critical to mobile workers. Janam's XM66 delivers it all with Windows Mobile 6, advanced barcode scanning, robust WLAN communication, and long battery life.

  7. Nautiz X3
    It's not one thing that makes the Nautiz X3® a breakthrough in handheld technology - it's the unbeatable combination of small size, big performance, extreme ruggedness and remarkable value. The Nautiz X3 is like nothing else on the market.
  8. PocketJet 6 Full Page Mobile Printers

    The Brother PocketJet 6 Plus mobile printers feature high-quality, 300 dpi printing for applications that require the best output for fine text and graphics.

  9. OC3™ Thermal Printer
    The OC3, the thermal portable printer model that prints label and receipt media up to 3 inches wide, has been designed to meet the continually expanding requirements associated with retail, hospitality, transportation, and field sales and services applications.
  10. xTablet T1400 Thin, Rugged and Powerful Tablet PC

    The versatile xTablet T1400 ruggedized tablet PC from MobileDemand brings you the power of a laptop and the versatility of a tablet. Whether you're in field service, utilities, warehousing, agriculture, food and beverage, or throughout the supply chain, the T1400 is the perfect device for your Windows applications.