Case Study

MH Equipment Finds It Easy To Evolve Into A Completely Paperless Company With Rugged Mobility Solution

Source: Xplore Technologies
MH Equipment


Eliminate paper across sourcing, inventory management, customer service and accounts payable functions

MH Equipment has not been quick to adopt technology just for technology’s sake. Over the years, they have reviewed electronic solutions but did not find one that seemed to have all the efciencies that would justify the investment.

That is why, for nearly 65 years, MH Equipment generated and managed every single work order for its full-service material handling equipment service business on paper. Field technicians had to either submit completed work orders, inspection forms, and timecards via mail or physically walk them into the ofce for processing. Neither option was efcient, and paper-based documentation and records management had several downfalls. Work orders could be hard to read and frequently got very dirty. Key-punching data into the business system from paper created opportunities for errors. Handling, processing, and storing mounds of paper created many inefciencies and challenges. And technicians handling paperwork manually or through the mail added no value to the transaction; rather, they caused delays and extra expense. MH Equipment wanted a way to minimize the administrative burden on its field-based teams so they could remain focused on the company’s priority: customer service.