Field Service Software Solutions

  1. Swyft Platform For Enterprise

    The Swyft Platform for Enterprise is a suite of applications that help enterprises pull and push data from various business applications to eliminate redundant data entry and reduce the time necessary to complete important business processes.

  2. IFS Field Service Management

    For product and service-based businesses, the quality of their product, service and reputation is everything. Where many such organizations are challenged is how effectively and smoothly they manage the countless moving parts of their complex service organization. This is where IFS Field Service Management shines.

  3. Forms Designer

    Create unlimited mobile forms that replicate your existing paper forms.

  4. Mobility

    You have a growing mobile workforce that depends on wireless connectivity to enterprise applications in order to perform those jobs at a high level. NetMotion Mobility® gives your workers reliable, secure wireless connectivity. And it gives you more control, so you can get the most out of your mobile investments.

  5. Astea Alliance: Professional Services

    Alliance Professional Services supports management of knowledge workers, such as those deployed by professional services organizations and internal service departments of large organizations. It simplifies project planning, automates deployment and tracking, improves coordination, and reduces operating and administrative costs.

  6. Vuforia Industrial Augmented Reality

    Innovate With Industrial Augmented Reality. Industrial AR connects users across digital and physical worlds. With Vuforia, you can change more than just products, operations and services—you’ll transform your business.

  7. SRM Warranty Entitlment
    Our Warranty Entitlement SRM © software can provide the framework to turn your service center into a revenue generating operation.
  8. SRM Marketing & Quote Generation
    CSDP’s Marketing software supports your service sales force in their day-to-day activities, helping your in-house and and field service sales team to save time, drive sales and improve customer relationships.
  9. Astea Alliance Extension: Customer Portal

    Alliance Customer Portal lessens dependence on sales and service staff to conduct transactions that customers can perform faster themselves over the Internet. It also provides another channel to promote and sell more products and services to your existing base of customers. In addition to the convenience of Internet self-service that many customers today prefer, Alliance Customer Portal reduces costs, creating opportunity to increase margins, market share or both.

  10. SRM Time Tracking
    CSDP's Time Tracking Software is an all inclusive system that controls and monitors all aspects of a company’s time and resources.