vx Field - Mobile Workforce Management

Source: Verisae

Plan, execute, and monitor short-term, dynamic events and long-term trends.

To address the full lifecycle of mobile workforce management and continuously achieve your operational goals, you need to plan, execute, and monitor both short-term, dynamic events and long-term trends.

Planning is an ongoing, continuous decision-making effort – from daily optimizations to long-term planning – and is a critical link to productivity in your business processes. Your service organizations may plan with constraints (e.g., zones) that are unnecessary and negatively impact your planning process. Instead, you must focus less on constraints and more on your business objectives, ensuring that your objectives have a positive effect on your planning process.

When your mobile workforce rolls out every day, you must be prepared to proactively deal with exceptions to your plans. You must provide visibility to all your stakeholders and increase collaboration and communication within your organization as well as with your subcontractors and your customers. Better collaboration and communication can lead to better exception management.

You also need visibility into historical and real-time information to enable reporting and to share the wealth of information. Developing and practicing continuous performance management helps you monitor progress towards your business objectives (which may change with time) and enables continuous improvement towards achieving your goals.

With vx Field, you can balance contradicting business objectives, manage exceptions, and respond to changing business needs.