vx Maintain - Maintenance Management

Source: Verisae

Visibility and control over work orders, assets, facilities, and contractors.

One of your biggest opportunities to reduce costs is in maintenance management. Effectively managing maintenance expenses has a tremendous impact on net profit.

But complexity grows as the number of managed assets, sites, and contracts with manufacturers and service providers, increases. Often, facilities teams are placed in a reactionary state, instead of maximizing the opportunity to reduce critical equipment downtime, evaluating service provider performance, and validating planned preventative maintenance activity for cost-effectiveness.

You need an integrated system to track, streamline and optimize maintenance efforts across your organization.

vx Maintain leverages every piece of maintenance data to the granularity of an individual asset in order to provide visibility and drive better decisions throughout the maintenance lifecycle.

With vx Maintain, you can manage work orders, streamline the reconciliation process with your service providers, improve compliance, and make better strategic decisions regarding the purchasing or retirement of assets.