vx Observe - Remote Asset Management

Source: Verisae

Use equipment data to remotely prioritize, triage, and correct.

Refrigeration systems, lighting, HVAC/R equipment, and food production equipment were once pure cost centers. These systems have evolved into data resource centers with collected business intelligence. Now, equipment can be utilized to provide a constant data stream of performance, energy consumption, fault and error codes, and other types of telemetry data.

To be efficient, you need a detailed process, a workflow uniting site managers with service bureaus and tools to automate workflow steps and enhance communications.

Automatically aggregating data in a central data warehouse provides an opportunity to remotely prioritize, triage, and correct. You can quickly investigate what typically requires manual work hours, including alarm notifications, advanced failure prediction, analysis and corrective actions.

With vx Observe, you can make quick, fact-based decisions that are impactful without spending excessive time analyzing data and waiting for local sites to react.