ClickSoftware Workforce Schedule And Optimization For Oil and Gas

Source: ClickSoftware

Extend the power of your ERP and HCM systems to provide a complete solution for your oilfield services' mobile workforce. ClickSoftware's Workforce Scheduling and Optimization solution for Oil and Gas ensures upstream service providers get the most out of their field resources, including equipment, while streamlining the process of scheduling, dispatching, and closing out work.

The upstream oil services industry is complex and highly competitive: It contains more service providers than any other part of the industry so maintaining a strong reputation is vital. Once drilling commences, standby cost margins and your reputation suffer if personnel, crews, and equipment aren't up-and-running when required. The bottom line is that no upstream service provider can afford to hold up production because it failed to schedule its resources on time. 

ClickSoftware removes the risk, complexity, and manual work from creating the best schedule for your field resources and equipment by automating and streamlining the whole process. Your highly-valued service and territory needs and is fully integrated to all back office systems. The result is a streamlined process of managing work, scheduling resources, closing out work, and billing. 

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