ClickSoftware Solutions For Utilities

Source: ClickSoftware

Reduce response time by 30% and increase completed maintenance jobs by 50%.

Utilities face many challenges that require innovative solutions that address the challenges of an aging infrastructure, regulatory compliance, lowering operational costs and promoting resource optimization. The advent of more robust storms and restoration capabilities, enterprise mobility, leveraging the cloud, new smart grid technologies, enhancing customer satisfaction, and driving greater earnings are all key initiatives for leading utilities today.

The utility industry is facing a unique challenge: how do they manage and maintain existing infrastructure, keep customer rates at a minimum while undergoing major smart grid technology initiatives? The challenges are many, including managing customer expectations, personalization of services, demand response, dynamic pricing, operational expenses and funding for new capital projects.

The key for Utilities is a single, integrated solution that can provide optimized scheduling, planning, mobility and analytics—all in the hands of employees and customers.

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