Field Service Software Solutions

  1. SRM Scheduling
    The Scheduling software of CSDP’s SRM uses a highly configurable ranking system to optimize the scheduling of resources and parts for your service organization.
  2. mProdigy

    mProdigy from B2M Solutions goes beyond traditional mobile device management to help companies proactively monitor, analyze and act on real-time information about their mission-critical mobile device deployments.

  3. Astea Alliance Tools: Alliance Links

    Alliance Links provide the framework to exchange data and integrate Astea Alliance processes with a wide range of applications – such as for coordinating Alliance Logistics service parts inventory with ERP inventory, connecting remote equipment monitoring to Alliance Contact Center, and interfacing Alliance Mobile applications to wireless data transmission services.

  4. Analytics Module

    Without knowing the true state of your mobile deployment, it’s impossible to make the kinds of intelligent decisions that will help your business run more securely and efficiently.

  5. Swyft Mobile For Field Service

    Swyft Mobile for Field Service is a mobile application suite which facilitates more timely and accurate execution of customer field service orders, from assignment to invoicing.

  6. Astea Alliance Extension: Customer Portal

    Alliance Customer Portal lessens dependence on sales and service staff to conduct transactions that customers can perform faster themselves over the Internet. It also provides another channel to promote and sell more products and services to your existing base of customers. In addition to the convenience of Internet self-service that many customers today prefer, Alliance Customer Portal reduces costs, creating opportunity to increase margins, market share or both.

  7. SRM Marketing & Quote Generation
    CSDP’s Marketing software supports your service sales force in their day-to-day activities, helping your in-house and and field service sales team to save time, drive sales and improve customer relationships.
  8. Astea Alliance Extension: Alliance Reporting

    Alliance Reporting provides the closed-loop visibility you need throughout the entire service lifecycle. Our reporting solution empowers your company with the tools they need to continuously track, monitor and improve processes to drive efficiencies at every level of your organization.

  9. ClickSoftware ClickForecast

    The future is unknown and difficult to predict. Even in industries that enjoy high levels of predictability, unforeseen events can always occur. For service businesses, demand forecasts indicate how many resources must be deployed. Underestimating demand creates delays and leads to unresponsive service, while overestimating demand can lead to an excess of resources, resulting in high operating costs.

  10. Customer Engagement (Self-Service Portal)

    ServicePower’s Intelligent Customer Engagement solution offers your customers instant job scheduling to your integrated mobile workforce. Real-time job status, technician location, and two-way communications improve visibility throughout the service lifecycle.