Field Service Software Case Studies

  1. Delivery Management System Upgrade With New Android Handhelds Improves Delivery Driver Efficiency & Service

    With the increased willingness of consumers to shop online, e-commerce has also continued to flourish. Delivery logistics is the last mile in e-commerce supply chain. Its delivery services influence on whether the e-commerce vendors can get higher customer satisfaction or not. As a result, most delivery logistics companies provide handheld devices for their delivery drivers so that delivering goods to consumers on time and safely. In addition to displaying basic shipment information, the device can sort out the delivered goods through scanning barcodes, as well as instantly transmitting the delivery status to the back-end management system via wireless network or mobile network.

  2. Less Paperwork Leads To More Accuracy, More Reliability And Greater Efficiency

    KHAFRA Operation Services, a Georgia corporation, is a full-service contract operations firm offering numerous operation services for both public and private sector clients. Since incorporating in 2004, KHAFRA has grown to 33 employees delivering expert operation services to municipal, state and federal clients for infrastructure solutions, deployment services, facility management and project  management. Beyond serving the needs of its clients, a significant segment of KHAFRA’s business consists of large-scale deployment, installation and inspection of water meters including Mobile Meter Management and meter automation. To be competitive, KHAFRA must be able to install meters faster and cheaper than their competition, while also delivering 100 percent accuracy and reliability in the field.

  3. How An App Enabled Oklahoma Highway Patrol To Save Lives, Time, And Money

    When the Oklahoma Highway Patrol (OHP) joined the search for a man suspected of killing a sheriff’s deputy earlier this year, the law enforcement agency used ArcGIS Online and Workforce for ArcGIS to properly position more than 100 troopers as the dragnet tightened.

  4. Pon Cat Boosts Technician And Billing Efficiency With Trimble FSM Solution

    Pon Equipment & Power Power B.V. (Pon Cat), the official Caterpillar dealer in the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark, needed to improve their service scheduling and dispatching process and increase the available hours of their technicians, who provide heavy equipment maintenance and repair services to customers in four countries. 

  5. Gulfport Energy Saves Time And Money With New Field Data Collection Apps

    Gulfport Energy is an independent oil and natural gas exploration and production company, headquartered in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. To best serve its shareholders, the company is using technology to reduce costs while the market is tight and to prepare for the inevitable rebound. Gulfport puts geographic information system (GIS) technology at the core of many critical activities and operations conducted in the office and the field.

  6. Using Mobile-Based Surveys For Storm Damage Assessment

    When a series of storms rolled through Harrison County, West Virginia, one Sunday evening, it left substantial wind damage in its wake. As the storms battered his region, Paul Bump, director of Harrison County Emergency Services, started contemplating a plan of action.

  7. The Route To More Efficient Inspections

    Every morning, six inspectors leave their homes in Pima County, Arizona, to visit anywhere between five and sixteen houses or buildings. Before they go, each inspector downloads a route that’s been strategically designed to account for the time it will take to drive to the site and perform the inspection.

  8. Utilities Kingston Manages Meter Inspections And Replacements With GIS Solution

    As  part  of  its  unique  multiutility  model—delivering water, wastewater, gas, and electricity services—Utilities Kingston provides safe and reliable gas services to nearly 15,000 customers in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. The company routinely inspects customer appliances and replaces gas meters.

  9. Fairbanks Scales Improves Customer Engagements And Employee Retention With Training & FSM Solution

    As a professional field service technician, each service job requires more than technical skills. Of course a technician benefits from product knowledge to complement technical skills, but it’s soft skills that make or break the customer’s overall experience. Field technicians must keep up with changing technology and applications to succeed, and it’s this thought process that leads Fairbanks Scales to train its employees how technology and IFS Field Service Management™ (IFS FSM) can benefit the company’s customers.

  10. Field Services Mobility Use Case Guide: Top Micro Apps To Improve Customer Experience And Operational Efficiency

    Heightened customer expectations and the growing reliance on third-party contractors have increased the demand for field organizations to operate more efficiently and effectively than ever.