Field Technologies Webinars

  1. 5 Critical KPIs For Field Service Success

    In this on-demand webinar we talk through the information presented in our newest special report, 5 Critical KPIs For Field Service Success. Failing to set and track the right KPIs can be detrimental to a service business. Trying to measure too many can also cause problems. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the top 5 KPIs that are essential to use to ensure field service success.

  2. ELD Mandate. Are You Compliant?

    Trimble Field Service recently hosted a complimentary webinar to explain the highlights of the ELD Mandate and clarify how to ensure that your fleet is compliant.

  3. The State Of Field Mobility In 2016

    Join us as we dive into the content of our special report, Field Mobility 2016. We’ll review results of a recent survey of our audience to provide insight on how your peers are leveraging today’s field mobility solutions. Whether you’re looking to better understand the mobile device landscape, how automation fits into your business, or how IoT is really being used, this webinar will help.

  4. How To Take Action On GPS Fleet Tracking Data

    GPS fleet tracking systems have the ability to provide an abundant amount of information regarding your fleet, but it will only provide value to your business if you utilize the data. It’s essential to take action on GPS fleet tracking data to get the most out of your investment in a GPS tracking system.

  5. Why Isn’t Your Tablet Working? 5 Keys To Consistent Connectivity

    Deploying field devices is complex and filled with unexpected challenges. When devices can’t connect, productivity plummets and frustration rises.  How do you know what’s actually causing connectivity issues? Join us for a roundtable discussion to discover best practices for solving mobile connectivity challenges.   

  6. 5 Hurdles Keeping You From Truly Optimized Field Service

    All field service organizations are striving to optimize their field operations. Top field service organizations that have implemented efficient scheduling and dispatch of workers, leverage field mobility, and embrace a collaborative planning environment earn up to 17% more revenue – and you can too! But there are some common hurdles that prevent many of today’s field service organizations from achieving true optimization.

  7. Mobile Apps Put The Power Of Configurability In Your Hands

    Contemporary mobile applications put the power of configuration and customization in the hands of the customer and not the vendor.  Vendors today are investing in creating tools to make implementations faster, and empowering customers to make their own changes, while preserving the investment in pre-packaged software. Join IFS in exploring the nature of these new tools and the impact on the business and the IT community responsible for implementing these solutions.

  8. As-a-Service – A Better Way To Mobilize Your Field Workers

    The powerful benefits of a mobilized workforce can’t be denied. Improved productivity, enhanced business efficiencies, faster, more accurate billing and satisfied customers. But the upfront investment, rapidly changing technology and IT support demands can present hurdles that are hard to overcome.

  9. Why Business Intelligence Is Crucial For Your Business

    Are you using business intelligence to your benefit? Your competitors are. Data is critical for any business in order to gain insight on its operations. So many businesses do not use tools to assist with operations and data analytics, or they use a variety of tools but don’t evaluate the data. It is important to turn that raw data into meaningful information that your business can use to affect change.

  10. Mobile Modernization

    The mobilization of field service operations dates back several years with many organizations deploying their first mobile solutions well over five years ago. Considering the dynamics of this highly distributed and business critical mobile workforce, mobile solutions to streamline workflows, drive productivity and enhance customer service would appear to be a match made in technology heaven. But according to VDC Research, many mobile solutions are past their prime and overall satisfaction with these solutions is declining.