Aquant Service Intelligence Platform

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Accelerate Service Performance with a New Dimension of Insight.

Our Vision

What if you could give your service pros years of experience in just days? Your data holds the key. But in reality, your most insightful data is scattered across different systems, hidden in free text and locked in the minds of your most experienced people.

Aquant’s Service Intelligence platform unlocks  this new dimension of insight – turning your service techs and agents into stars.

Our Technology

Aquant pulls structured data and free text from across your systems, executes Natural Language Processing algorithms to convert the free text to structured data, and applies machine learning to all that newly mined data. Then, it’s easy for your organization’s experts to validate and optimize those findings based on their tribal knowledge.

Your Results

Aquant provides insights that empower service leaders to reduce costs, predict and prevent risk, and improve service team performance. With automated business insights, you can evaluate customer metrics like ticket volume and risk of churn, optimize field routing, automate compliance reporting, and track and assess individual and team KPIs. The bottom line: you deliver exceptional customer experiences.