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  1. The New Best Practices For Warranty Service Companies

    What goes through your mind when something in your home breaks? Do you think, “Great, I’m looking forward to getting this fixed!” Or do you think (in more of a begrudged tone), “Great, now I need to get this fixed….” Let’s face it, the feeling of excitement and enthusiasm, aren’t emotions associated with warranty service. Here’s why.

  2. BUNN Adopts Remote Video Support AR Technology

    BUNN demonstrates how interactive merged reality is driving collaboration and competitive value using everyday mobile technologies.

  3. Defining Mixed Workforce Management In The Field Services Sector

    The American workforce has changed drastically over the past decade due to the emergence and crystallization of the so-called gig economy. An estimated 15.5 million US residents maintain alternative employment arrangements wherein they work as independent third-party service providers or bounce between a number of regular temporary assignments, according to research from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. These floating professionals operate within numerous industries, from the peer-to-peer service arena populated by companies such as Uber and TaskRabbit to traditional spaces like construction and mining.

  4. How Mixed Reality Technology Transforms Knowledge Management In Field Service

    Field service management becomes more complicated every year. Companies face rising expectations from customers who demand instant service delivery and professionalism. At the same time, businesses complain about insufficient resources to manage the tasks and young employees demanding advanced tools supporting their work. With these obstacles, delivery of excellent service and earning customers’ trust become areas of concern.

  5. A Hand-On Guide To Customer Engagement In Service Delivery

    When we assess customer service effectiveness in a company, we focus mostly on KPIs based on time – SLA compliance, mean time to complete a work order, and number of orders per day. However, time should be perceived as a key driver of service development, not only as one efficiency indicator.

  6. Is It Time For You To Consider A Remote Expert Solution For Your Team?

    Remote Expert guidance is the ability to connect with virtual specialists immediately by sharing live video, audio, telestration and augmented content.

  7. The Traveling Salesman Dilemma

    Have you ever heard of the “traveling salesman” problem? It goes like this: If a salesman must visit all 48 capital cities in the continental United States and visit each city only once, what path should he take to yield the shortest overall distance?

  8. Global Testing Equipment Manufacturer Selects Astea’s FSM Platform

    When customers such as US Steel, GM, Ford and Becton Dickinson rely on you for service, it’s pivotal to have the most dynamic and comprehensive field service management (FSM) software on the market. As a pioneer manufacturer of universal testing equipment, Instron was tasked to turn services from a cost center into a profit center and increase profitability without additional overhead.

  9. Chat Bots In Customer Experience: The Modern Way To Sell More & Serve Better

    This report observes how the use of chat bots influences company performance in managing customer experiences. It also highlights the building blocks companies must establish to minimize the risk of potential pitfalls and maximize returns from investing in this technology.

  10. Customer Messaging: Happy Customers, Better Results

    This report will highlight the business value companies observe by using messaging in customer service activities. We’ll also illustrate several building blocks companies must put in place to reap maximum results from investing in messaging.