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  1. Want To Improve Utility Service Reliability? Start By Choosing More Reliable Mobile Computers

    Utilities are among the most data-reliant industries today, with the quality of their services heavily dependent on real-time insight into system demand and asset performance. That is why the utility sector has been one of the most reliant on mobile computing technologies for the last 20+ years.

  2. Mobile Connectivity: Adding Value To The Service Relationship

    Digital connectivity has changed every aspect of the way consumers use and interact with products. The ability for devices to “talk” amongst each other, across platforms and functions, is becoming point-of-entry. Companies like Amazon are creating new revenue streams by enabling these kinds of conversations. Through products like the Amazon Dot, a refrigerator can proactively order more milk when the refrigerator detects that a consumer is starting to run low.

  3. Augmented Reality Takes Field Service To A New Level

    Field service technicians often work in cramped and inconvenient locations, and they don't want to go back and forth between the device they're working on and a service manual. In many situations, a better approach is an augmented reality display. It lets them view the equipment they're working on and information about it at a single glance. Field service promises to be one of the biggest growth areas for Augmented Reality (AR).

  4. Service Smart Homes With Efficiency And Intelligence

    While connected homes, aka smart homes, will offer exciting technology, there will be challenges that many households will face from basic use to troubleshooting alerts and connectivity problems. Better technology will continually replace the old. Having the ability to deliver fast and dependable customer service will be key for field service companies to stand out from the rest.

  5. Lean Service Management: Streamlined Processes Can Satisfy Customers And Deliver New Profits

    Consumers and companies don't just buy products today, they buy experiences and solutions to problem s. If a perfect product has less-than perfect delivery, service, and support, customers will be unhappy - and may look to competitors for alternatives.

  6. Evaluation Of The Top 5 Customer Self-Service Technologies For Field Service

    The mobile phone has transformed how customers expect to interact with service organizations. This white paper will explore the transitioning role of the customer in field service and how the proliferation of smartphone devices has created a demand for self-service solutions in both B2B and B2C markets.

  7. 7 Steps For Achieving Customer Service Excellence

    This paper will analyze what factors influence customer perception of the quality of service delivered, how we measure it and ways service companies can improve customer service in the service industry.

  8. Key Questions To Ask to Make The Right IoT Endpoint Decision

    At the heart of each IoT deployment is the connected device, or endpoint, (the “thing” in Internet of Things) that is directly related to the underlying technology of the solution as it must support the desired network technology, application capabilities, security requirements, etc. Once it has been determined what functionalities, device standards, and other technologies an IoT endpoint must support, organizations must make the critical, fundamental decision: should we build the endpoint from scratch or buy an off-the-shelf option?

  9. Five Questions For A Field Service Expert

    Five Questions for a Field Service Expert podcast featuring Ralph Rio of ARC Advisory Group. Ralph is a vice president and industry analyst whose areas of expertise include field service management, mobility, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

  10. Before It Breaks: Field Service In A World Of Connected Products And Infinite Data

    The Internet of Things (IoT), and the data that it produces, is transforming the way companies deliver service. This live broadcast with Sr. Product Manager Gary Brandeleer, Field Service Lightning and Henry Liu, Salesforce IoT Product Manager shows you how to leverage the power of device data to deliver proactive service that will create lasting customer relationships — and build your brand.