Featured Articles

  1. The Internet Of (Summer) Things

    Even though we’re right in the middle of summer fun, we’re always thinking about the Internet of Things. IoT is everywhere, so it’s probably no surprise that it’s enhancing many of the activities we enjoy this time of year. With that thought in mind, here’s a look at five really cool uses of summer IoT:

  2. Connectivity: The Most Important Part Of Your Business

    Many organizations don’t consider how secure, managed connectivity plays such a key role in today’s business environment. When I speak with businesses leaders - from both large enterprises and innovative start-ups - I find that wireless failover capability hasn’t always been considered in their business continuity plan, yet it can sometimes make the difference between success and failure.

  3. Realizing The Digital Potential: New Survey Shows Top Priorities For Digital Transformation

    Digital Transformation (DT) is coming of age. In the recent Digital Change Survey commissioned by IFS covering 750 professionals across a range of industries, 80% saw themselves as ‘enabled’, ‘enhanced’ or ‘optimized’ to leverage DT. Even more impressively, 89% said they had ‘advantageous’ or ‘adequate’ funding in place for digital projects—a clear acknowledgment that the time of disruptive technologies is here, and that the vast majority of firms are realizing that they need to invest. But why are businesses investing? Where do they see the big profits? And how successfully are they selling digital change throughout their organizations?

  4. Will Congress Delay The ELD Compliance Date?

    Last week, some Members of Congress questioned whether the ELD compliance date of December 18, 2017, should be delayed.  Beyond asking that question, some of those Members of Congress took action toward that end.  Their action was a first step in what can be a lengthy legislative process.

  5. Waiting On Electronic Driver Logs?

    If you haven’t heard the number by now, by December 18, 2017, 3.1 million commercial trucks and motor coaches will need to install an electronic driver log, or ELD system.

  6. Utilizing Driver Scorecards

    How to motivate your employees with healthy competition via gamification.

  7. The Consequences Of Not Implementing ELD

    The Supreme Court has shown their final hand for everyone playing the wait and see game with the ELD mandate. They refused to hear a challenge to the ELD mandate. The final deadline to comply with the mandate of December 18, 2017, is now set in stone.

  8. Solving Speeding, Idling, And More With Vehicle Trackers

    To receive true fleet intelligence and solve your business challenges, you need a system that goes beyond just dots on a map.

  9. Digital Transformation For Facilities Management

    Digital transformation may be all the rage at the moment, but it comes with a multitude of questions and challenges of its own. We believe that Digital Transformation can be achieved by making People, Processes and Technology work together.

  10. Two Years: That’s All It Took For IoT To Take Hold And Rugged Tablets To Gain More Purpose

    That is how quickly IoT has transformed from an unfamiliar technology acronym to a near-mandatory technology investment for companies in nearly every industry worldwide, especially manufacturers, utilities, government and those in warehousing and distribution.