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  1. Vehicle-Installed ELD vs. BYOD: Which Is Best For Your Business?

    The ELD Mandate is official and you will soon need an HOS solution. Before you do that, you first need to decide which method of obtaining E-logs is the best fit.

  2. Field, Fleet Companies Attract Funding And Accolades

    A couple of relatively young field service companies have won some community accolades recently, reinforcing both the importance of tech companies in local economies and the importance of field service in the overall economy. These companies are also attracting a significant amount of venture capital as field service continues to prove itself an important profit center.

  3. 4 Reasons To Love GPS Fleet Tracking Software

    Ah, Valentine’s Day. A day for happy hearts everywhere to celebrate their loved ones and shower them with affection, greeting cards, and chocolate (our favorite)! Amidst a sea of pink and red, this day is reserved for celebrating the things we love – like movies, food, and music. But what about telematics? If you are currently using a GPS tracking solution, you likely have a few features you can’t live without. And if you’re not, here are a few features we think will send your heart aflutter.

  4. Seven Practical Steps For Mobilizing Workforce Management

    Today, there are more mobile devices in circulation than the total global population and enterprises can see this as a key channel for engaging with customers and employees. Fortunately, mobility can lead to positive returns and more efficient business practices for many enterprises. The benefits can be numerous for companies taking a mobile-centric approach to workforce management (WFM), and especially for those companies with field employees ranging in roles from sales and customer service to maintenance and production.

  5. Gazing Into The Crystal Ball: A Look At The Future Of Mobile Print

    This time of year is traditionally one of reflection on the past and contemplation of the next 365 days ‘round the sun. It’s especially a useful time to get out the figurative crystal ball to consider current and rising trends, and see where the future lies.

  6. Virtual And Augmented Reality ‘Check’ - The Intersection Of Field Service And Innovation

    Every company knows that experimenting with new technology is critical to keep pace with today’s competitive market. But with $1.7 billion of investments pouring in across both virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) over the last year, and technology giants unable to agree on which technology will be the “next big thing,” how are companies to decide which technology will best meet their needs? First, it’s important to consider how each technology would impact your bottom line — whether through time-savings or improved customer experience; after all, new technology should enhance the tools already on hand. Below are some ways VR and AR technology can improve standard operating procedures at forward-thinking organizations.

  7. VDC Research Indicates Professionals Prefer Rugged Tablets

    While recent sales trends show that the overall market for tablet computers is cooling off after a period of enormous growth, enterprise users still see a big advantage for using rugged tablet devices. That’s the key finding from a recent survey of mobile workers and mobile computer resellers conducted by Xplore and Intel.

  8. Take Control Of Your Construction Equipment: A Quick Guide

    High valued portable equipment, such as generators, lifts and excavators are critical in the success of a construction project. Equipment can move from one job site to the next making it difficult to understand and keep track of where assets are and how and if they are being used effectively.

  9. Emerging Technology In Field Service

    The Internet of Things (IoT) is continues to be a very high impact emerging technology in field service operations. According to Field Service News, talk of IoT has just superseded talk of big data at the top of the what's new talk agenda among field service managers and pundits. In a survey last year, a majority (76 percent) of field service managers stated they thought IoT would become "a fundamental part of field service operations" and even that IoT "is critical to any field services operations...."

  10. Understanding The Field Service Industry Dynamic

    The field service industry is an amalgam of unique businesses and as such requires the merging and coordination of a range of business strategies, metrics, and coordination strategies. If you dissect field service businesses into their component parts you'll find...