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  1. 5 Keys To Delivering Customer Success

    As management consultant Peter Drucker once said, "The purpose of business is to create and keep a customer." And of course, the only way to keep a customer is to ensure customer success. It's the one true common denominator of any customer who purchases a business solution.

  2. The Top Five Features Of The Best Mobile Forms

    Great features work to optimize workflow, not clutter it. There are countless mobile forms on the market, and many of which have “bells and whistles.” So, what are the most useful features to look for when considering a mobile form app? Here are — in no particular order — the top five features that deliver.

  3. Must-Have Field Service Mobile Apps For Utility Companies

    Changes in the utilities industry — specifically the introduction of smart meters — have forced companies to adapt. Paper forms and clunky spreadsheets have been replaced by mobile apps that optimize workflows and provide faster, more efficient service. There are countless mobile apps to deploy into the hands of your field service team to accomplish this. Below are some of the key mobile apps that will boost performance in the field without shocking your system of processes.

  4. Pesado Goes Mobile, Saves Big.

    Psado's administrative side of the business also racked up high costs and collected field data was vulnerable to inaccuracies. To tighten its business processes, Pesado equipped its field techs with a mobile form solution on iOS devices. 

  5. Gartner 2019 Magic Quadrant For Multiexperience Development Platforms

    This new report from Gartner makes it clear - the future of app development is multiexperience. Customers expect the apps they use to offer chat, voice assistants, and virtual or augmented reality. So, how can you ensure your app dev strategy is ready? According to Gartner, Multiexperience Development Platforms (MXDP) - the logical evolution of mobile application development platforms (MADP) - are the answer.

  6. Emerging Trends Of AI In Performance Testing

    Before a software application is released in the market, it has to be evaluated for speed, scalability, and stability under various load conditions. An application should never go live if it has poor usability. Performance testing ensures an app meets the criteria for its robustness under a certain load. It becomes imperative to understand an app and make it a part of unit testing. Testers set realistic goals and understand users’ perspective and implement DevOps for making their performance testing efforts effective.

  7. Our Technology Adoptions Today Give Us A Picture Of What AI Will Look Like In The Future

    In spite of a feeling that Artificial Intelligence is still the stuff of science fiction, AI implementation is already here in a variety of ways that directly benefit service management, and will be imperative in the future as a key to making digital transformation work. 

  8. Are Your Competitors Winning The Servitization Race?

    Servitization leads to greater revenue and growth, according to this 200-respondent study from IFS, and greater levels of servitization bring greater business benefits. In this white paper, you will find research on the servitization of product-centric companies and the technologies behind this digital transformation.

  9. Instron Turns Services From A Cost Center Into A Profit Center With FSM Solution

    When customers such as US Steel, GM, Ford and Becton Dickinson rely on you for service, it’s pivotal to have the most dynamic and comprehensive field service management (FSM) software on the market. As a pioneer manufacturer of universal testing equipment, Instron was tasked to turn services from a cost center into a profit center and increase profitability without additional overhead.

  10. The Rise Of The New Field Service Mobile Worker

    Now more than ever, technology is entering into all aspects of our lives. Your mobile workers are expecting the technological advancements that have helped them be more efficient in their personal lives to also show up at work. Paolo Bergamo SVP and GM of Field Service Lightning, will share ways to prepare for your new mobile workers who are the face of your brand. Learn how to optimize schedules, provide guidance on a mobile app, connect systems to have a complete customer view, and make systems smarter to drive productivity, speed, and customer success. Attract and empower your mobile workforce with a single platform and mobile application to meet and exceed customer expectations.