Featured Articles

  1. The Future of Field Service is An AI-Human Hybrid

    Artificial intelligence is a hot topic in the service space. Automated assistance, through AI applications like chatbots and interactive voice technology, is on the rise. The growing sophistication of AI technologies is helping service professionals across many industries deliver better customer experiences, with greater efficiency and at less cost.

  2. Solving The Millennial Skill Gap With AI

    Is AI the answer to the service talent crisis? Baby boomers are retiring from service jobs in droves, and they're taking their knowledge with them. Service leaders are struggling to hire, train and retain the next generation of technicians and agents. How can they empower their millennial employees with the wisdom of their departing experts? 

  3. Uncovering The ROI Of Telematics

    The way you conduct business is changing. In today’s business environment, disruptions are creating new challenges, magnifying existing struggles, and fundamentally altering the landscape of your industry. Change can be challenging but often, complacency is worse. You need to remain agile and do all that you can to stay ahead of your competition. Have you found yourself asking, what can I do today to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow?

  4. 6 Ways You Can Enhance Your Performance Testing Efforts

    Apparently, it is true that if an application does not work efficiently, chances are high that customers will turn to another competitor software. Users tend to replace their applications that have performance issues or requires excessive load times. However, in order to keep a business growing it is important to work on software quality. Software testers work on improving performance of the applications so that businesses can keep up with the rising competition in the market. Software testing companies provide excellent performance testing services to measure software performance and increase chances of its success.

  5. Why Integration Is In The DNA Of Today’s Greatest FSOs

    The ability to integrate your mission-critical systems like finance, ERP and CRM to your FSM platform gives you the “holy grail” – a unified data model so that all employees across all departments can access the same customer information in real-time. This does more than boost efficiency and profit margins - it also sets you apart in a crowded market. 

  6. A Practical Approach To IoT In Field Service

    We all know that proactive service driven by IoT is the way of the future. But implementing IoT, accessing the data amidst security concerns, and most importantly proving its ROI, is still very challenging for most service organizations. In this webinar, we’ll move past all the buzzwords and hype and give you practical advice for deploying IoT in stages. Learn all the hidden challenges and pitfalls before embarking on your own IoT deployment!

  7. Putting AR At Your Technicians’ Fingertips Does More Than Boost First-time Fix Rates

    With Astea’s mobile field service app, technicians use any mobile device to instantly launch augmented reality. They can capture manufacturer, model and serial data with one click and find helpful resources or launch live video support with remote experts. But that’s not all – see how this integrated solution takes AR up a notch to become visual resources your whole team can use.

  8. Rugged Industrial Wearable Designed For Remote Expertise

    The Onsight Cube industrial wearable is designed to capture and share live HD optical and thermal imaging visuals. Common use cases include streaming live visuals hands-free from the Cube to remote experts or mounting the Cube to monitor an asset at a distance for independent work.

  9. Industrial Augmented Reality Wearable For Field Service

    Designed for safe operation in rugged and Ex-certified environments, the Onsight Cube industrial wearable provides HD optical and thermal imaging analysis. In addition to head worn applications, the multi-purpose form factor also provides access to visuals in hard to reach locations with a monopod or hand-held use.

  10. 5 Future-Proof Capabilities Your FSM Platform Should Have

    FSOs are looking for solutions that will help them automate work order creation, scheduling/dispatch, location tracking, and time/labor tracking, and grow along with their business requirements. All future-proof solutions should include these five critical capabilities.