Featured Articles

  1. Securing Profitability With Mobility

    A mobile field service management solution has helped Proguard Protection Services increase billable hours and improve its profit margins.

  2. A Big-Picture View Of Scheduling

    Maser Consulting has gained visibility and flexibility thanks to a new field scheduling solution.

  3. Fleet Monitoring Ensures Customer Satisfaction

    EDGE Building Services gains valuable performance data through fleet visibility with GPS-based fleet tracking.

  4. Customer Self-Service: The Increasing Use Of Tech Tools To Drive Customer Satisfaction

    Self-service is defined as the use of technology tools that empower customers to address their own needs and help themselves without interacting with a live agent.  These tools are two-way communication-focused, enabling such things as website interactions with FAQs and knowledge bases, chats with chatbots and/or live agents, verbal exchanges with IVR systems or virtual assistants, text and in-app messaging services, customer-facing web portals, and social media content and communities.

  5. Building An Effective Services Management Plan

    Building a strategic plan for services management is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle: First you need all the pieces, and then you have to fit them all together. However, there are several key questions that must be addressed before embarking on the services planning journey.

  6. AI Is Coming To Services, But It’s Not Here Yet

    Service Strategies' benchmark study reveals executives' current service business practices and future outlooks as they relate to artificial intelligence.

  7. The Importance Of Service For A Best-In-Class Manufacturing Company

    As manufacturers recognize that happier customers equal higher profits, customer experience is becoming a critical competitive differentiator.

  8. Lessons Learned As VP Of Service Operations

    How teamwork, continuous learning, a readiness for change, and investing in training and cross-functional relationships will serve you well when managing in the service industry.

  9. Customer Satisfaction On The Rise

    Field service software implementations are increasingly focused on the customer as the industry shifts to a more proactive service model.

  10. Guidelines For Improving Customer Satisfaction And Loyalty

    A total and ongoing commitment to your plan and process is essential to moving the needle on meaningful improvement.