Featured Articles

  1. ‘People Roadmap’ For Field Service – Root Of All Success

    Product-oriented businesses review and value their “product roadmap”. The vitality of a product-based company depends on the on-going development of a product roadmap and continuous innovation.  Future market growth and company valuation are, in part, determined by this roadmap. 

  2. Servitization Trends Drive Record Growth At IFS

    Global enterprise software vendor IFS unveiled its 2018 financial figures in January, reporting a net revenue growth of 23 percent in its first year under new CEO Darren Roos. Field Technologies Online spoke to Roos (an SAP veteran) about the company’s growth and the importance of the company’s field service management business.

  3. Increase Versatility & Revenue Streams

    Customer service expectations have changed dramatically over the past decade as more consumers have embraced the type of on-demand, instant-gratification approach of companies like Uber, Amazon, and Apple. For field service organizations, that means customers (and employees, for that matter) have high expectations when it comes to timeliness, reliability, visibility, and communication.

  4. Mobility Gives Service A Lift

    Forklift dealer MH Equipment used customized software and rugged tablets to eliminate manual data entry while streamlining work order, time card, and inventory processes.

  5. 4 Future-Proof Capabilities Your Field Service Management Platform Should Have

    Think about what you don’t know to insulate your field service management technology purchase from obsolescence.

  6. Q&A: Tampa Bay Trane Connects Customers, Technicians With Technology

    Field Technologies talks one-on-one with Tim Barnes of Tampa Bay Trane about the franchise’s expansion of its paperless mobility solution to include on-site job quoting and remote customer access.

  7. Manufacturing Companies And Their Journey To Service Excellence

    How can capital equipment manufacturers improve upon elevated first-time fixes while providing excellent customer service and an enhanced customer experience?

  8. Can Automation Deliver Great Customer Service?

    A unified, consistent customer experience is not out of reach with the help of AI solutions that can free up time for problem-solving and personalized service.

  9. Augmented Reality: The Future Of Field Service

    Companies are already deploying AR for service applications to improve resolution rates and address the looming technician shortage.

  10. Field Service Technologies To Watch In 2019

    Analyst Michael Blumberg lays out your best bets for technology investment for an optimal customer experience with maximum service value.