Featured Articles

  1. Manufacturing Companies And Their Journey To Service Excellence

    How can capital equipment manufacturers improve upon elevated first-time fixes while providing excellent customer service and an enhanced customer experience?

  2. Can Automation Deliver Great Customer Service?

    A unified, consistent customer experience is not out of reach with the help of AI solutions that can free up time for problem-solving and personalized service.

  3. Augmented Reality: The Future Of Field Service

    Companies are already deploying AR for service applications to improve resolution rates and address the looming technician shortage.

  4. Field Service Technologies To Watch In 2019

    Analyst Michael Blumberg lays out your best bets for technology investment for an optimal customer experience with maximum service value.

  5. Efficiency Flows For Water Safety App

    Massachusetts Division of Water Supply Protection eliminates more than 750 hours of data entry using a mobile survey tool.

  6. Global Field Service Management Trends For 2019 – And Beyond

    Prepare now if you plan to compete in the expanding global services market.

  7. Your Field Worker Is The Edge In “Edge Computing.” Are You Ready?

    A three-point checklist of what you need to know to do it right.

  8. Field Service Evolving To Overcome Challenges

    Field service management (FSM) solutions are evolving to meet rapidly changing demands. Later this year, VDC Research will publish a research report on FSM solutions, focusing specifically on digitizing the “last mile” of field service workflows. Building on years of coverage of this market and discussions with leading FSM providers and technology decision makers, we bring our experience and insight to bear in discussing the market, technology, and key players. 

  9. Service Without A Strategy Creates Nothing But Turmoil

    Running a service organization without a strategy is akin to sailing a boat without a rudder. Whichever direction the wind blows will be where you’ll end up. In the case of most businesses, clients and sales are the wind which cause the service organization to be in a constant reactive state. This continual mode of reacting creates turmoil, and doesn’t allow the organization to look beyond its immediate customer support offerings and deliver proactive and predictive services.

  10. It’s Not Difficult Being Green!

    According to Kermit the Frog, “It’s not easy being green” – or is it? For many businesses, being “green” can have an unexpected economic benefit.