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  1. Living The Dream

    There is a phrase I hear over and over when field service personnel greet each other and sometimes when they greet customers – “I’m living the dream.” It’s a sarcastic phrase, and one I dread hearing. To me, this phrase exudes drudgery, working for a paycheck, and boredom.  It’s used in a sarcastic sense, but do we know if technicians are truly excited about their work goals, or in this stagnant state? You may be thinking I’m simply making the point to spice things up a bit for motivation. I like the idea of spicing things up, but there’s a bigger issue here. 

  2. Cultivating A Better Customer Experience

    TruGreen faces a massive field service and route management challenge every day. The Memphis, TN-based company merged with Scotts LawnService in 2016, creating the largest lawn care company in North America. The company serves more than 2.3 million residential and commercial customers in the U.S. and Canada and operates 315 branches and 40 franchise locations. Its fleet of 7,000 vehicles is routed to more than 100,000 jobs every day.

  3. A Second Chance At Field Service Success

    Driessen Water has leveraged new field service automation software to improve efficiency and is saving thousands of miles through route optimization.

  4. Q&A: PCM Leverages Technology To Create A Compelling Customer Experience

    Field Technologies talks with Mike Rysavy of PCM about going above and beyond for customers with the help of an ITSM platform that enables proactive service delivery and rapid execution.

  5. Era Of Change For Field Service Management

    More changes have occurred in the field service management (FSM) segment in the past 12 months than in the previous 12 years. And the changes — or what I like to refer to as the “deltas” — are only going to manifest themselves faster and more pervasively in the next 12 months moving forward. This is truly the era of change for FSM, as well as for the services organizations in the industry.

  6. Mobility Opens Windows Of Opportunity For Efficiency

    Mobile app development has helped Centra Windows automate processes from the field to the factory and save hours of manual administrative work.

  7. The Gold Mine Of Data Supplied By Field Techs

    What is it really like to be a customer of your firm? Ask your technicians.

  8. Field Service Benchmark Study Results

    Economic, revenue, and investment outook optimism inspires these 8 strategic priorities among field service executives.

  9. Artificial Intelligence Gets Real In Field Service

    AI is already improving service operations, and more opportunities for ROI are emerging.

  10. Technology Is Only One Facet Of Your FSM Solution - You Still Need To Put A “Face” On It

    Technology isn’t new – it’s what makes things new. It’s like that old BASF television commercial – “We don’t make the products you buy; we make the products you buy better.” Well, for field service management (FSM) in general, and the services industry in particular, technology is the primary thing that makes the services you sell better – and more profitable, too. But there’s more to FSM than merely applying the right technology.