Featured IoT Articles

  1. The Key To Maximizing IoT Investments In Field Service

    Trends in the field service segment present new opportunities in field service management technologies. A report by CXOtoday predicts that the field service management market will reach $5.11 billion by 2020.

  2. How To Navigate Emerging LTE Technologies For IoT

    As cellular carriers today cater to consumer demand for high- speed LTE connectivity, they are faced with the challenge of finding a network solution that will continue to support the growth of IoT as spectrum re-farming forces the shutdown of legacy 2G and 3G networks. The result: new low-power LTE technologies – Category NB1 (NB-IoT) and Category M1 (Cat-M1 or LTE-M) – that have been specifically designed and deployed for IoT.

  3. Realizing Returns On IoT Investments Across Field Service Environments

    How IoT applications drive value in operations, analytics, business decision making, customer experiences, and more.

  4. Best Practices FSOs Operate Differently To Maintain Their Best-in-Class Status

    What Makes Best Practices FSOs Different from All Others? And How Do You Get There in the First Place?

  5. The Field Service7℠ Approach To Operations Excellence

    The purpose of this white paper is to describe the highly specialized approach to ensuring technology implementation success and accelerating ROI. Effective technology implementation and ROI achievement in field service depend on sound change management practices. Field service change management addresses the unique dynamics and characteristics of work performed by field technicians.

  6. Comprehensive Guide To A Successful IoT Implementation

    The Internet of Things (IoT) has evolved to much more than a buzzword, as GSMA forecasts the IoT revenue opportunity to be worth $1.1 trillion by 2025. IoT-enabled technologies are emerging in all areas of the business world, transforming business models and enabling the creation of new products and services across virtually every industry. Organizations of all shapes and sizes are jumping to claim their piece of the IoT pie; however, only 15% of business executives considered their IoT project to be a complete success.

  7. 4 Questions To Determine Your IoT Readiness

    Many companies are excited to utilize IoT capabilities for business advantages and new product opportunities. However, since IoT development is a still a new – and somewhat unknown – entity for many organizations, getting started or completing projects efficiently and cost effectively can be challenging.

  8. The Internet Of Things And Field Service Operations

    In recent years, the Internet of Thing (IoT) has collected a web of mystique around it which has made it a little more difficult to understand and evaluate. The IoT means making the devices that are used in industry and in the domestic economy "smarter." This means connecting computers to more of the machines and devices we use every day.

  9. The Fleet Manager’s Guide To The Internet Of Things

    Today, the transportation industry is undergoing unprecedented transformation. Fleet management professionals are faced with new situations and decisions on a rapidly increasing basis. While many of these transformations are creating new business opportunities, some are introducing new obstacles that can lead to supply chain disruption and, ultimately, lost revenue.

  10. The Key To Competitive Value In IoT-Powered Field Services

    Identifying opportunities for comprehensive field service management solutions.