Field Service Software Case Studies

  1. Getting Visibility Into Cellular Networks - Amica Insurance

    Amica wanted to reduce employee downtime caused by poor cellular network and technology performance in the field. The company selected NetMotion Wireless’ Locality, the first-ever cellular network performance management software, to troubleshoot connectivity issues and choose the best networks and devices for its mobile workers to be productive.

  2. Field Service Software Transforms Richer Sounds’ Customer Experience

    Historically known for selling budget audio equipment in a ‘pile it high and sell it cheap’ fashion, in more recent years, Richer Sounds have responded to a shift in the electronics retail market and expanded their range to encompass plasma and LCD TV’s. 2007 and 2008 also saw the launch of ranges of audiophile hi-fi, multi-room and high end home cinema separates, now with most stores having home-styled demonstration rooms.

  3. ESI Relies On Field Management Platform To Support Its Growth

    To help facilitate growth within the organization, ESI began the deployment of ServicePower dispatch and claims systems. These provided essential tools to help ESI manage and track the status of warranty and service requests and provide the interface for both end-user and OEM service/parts request tracking.

  4. AT&T Cuts Expenses By 43% With True Mobile VPN Solution

    Like most companies, AT&T uses a standard VPN product that was not designed for mobile environments. During the course of a given work day, a technician could lose connectivity with the wireless network several times, causing the VPN to drop its connection. This led to three significant issues.

  5. Mitsubishi Electric Streamlines Claims And Servicer Payments With New Service Operations System

    Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America (MEVSA) has a team of 60 people dealing with both consumer and corporate warranty business and the system in place to handle claims and servicer/parts management needed updating and improving, as it was no longer fulfilling the business requirements and was giving the team problems in dealing with claims as effectively as they wished.

  6. Specialized Insurance Underwriter Saves Millions With Service Operations Solution

    This case study takes a look at a company that underwrites and markets specialized insurance, extended service contracts and other risk management services (TPA). It operates through a broad range of companies and works collaboratively with leading financial institutions, retailers and utilities in the US and around the world. With over 4,000 employees, numerous divisions and a global client base, it has forged a leading position in the marketplace, bringing complex and demanding service scheduling needs.

  7. Northern Ireland Electric Manages It's Business With Service Scheduling Solution

    Northern Ireland Electricity (NIE) is responsible f or the regulated procurement, transmission, distribution, and supply of electricity to 685,000 customers throughout Northern Ireland. Over the years, the paper-based processes and manual/fax systems used to book and schedule meter service requests from customers had evolved in different ways in each of five regional offices.

  8. ADT Security Services Routes And Optimizes Security Installations With Scheduling Solution

    ADT Security Services is America’s number one provider of electronic security systems and services. Their leadership is based on providing all of their customers with uninterrupted peace of mind.

  9. Allstream Eliminates Scheduling Errors And Increase Daily Customer Visits

    Allstream originally relied on individual managers to manually assign resources and schedule work through spreadsheets. This approach was not effective, and it was very difficult to monitor as managers followed different processes and methodologies.

  10. TH Hill Grows Revenue, Increases Transparency, And Automates Reporting With Service Management Solution

    Thanks to IFS Field Service Management, TH Hill, has achieved greater business transparency and can focus on the value aspects of its offering to its customers in the oil and gas industry around the globe. The enterprise software from IFS has also helped the US-based engineering and quality management consultancy to grow its revenue as a result of the higher degree of process automation it enables and the fact that resource management capabilities are considerably enhanced.