02.09.23 -- What's Your Priority In 2023?

Source: Hitachi Solutions
11 Key Success Factors Affecting Project Automation

As technology, such as cloud computing and data analytics, becomes more commonplace and project service automation evolves, businesses can benefit — if they’re prepared.

5 Field Service Trends To Watch In 2023

The field service industry continues to grow post-pandemic. These are the five key field service trends we feel are helping fuel this growth in 2023.

Innovations Elevating Construction Project Management Automation Today

Innovations in digital construction and construction project management automation continue to evolve and become more accessible, even to an industry that is traditionally slow to adopt new technology and change. 

In-Home Sales And Service: How To Delight Customers And Drive Bottom-Line Results

Turning in-home sales and service personnel into brand ambassadors requires excellent home service management from ordering through execution. Here’s what that looks like.

How A Home Services Company Crafted Powerful Customer Interactions In Real Time

Every experience a customer has with a home service and sales rep is a direct reflection of a company’s brand. Implementing an optimized, connected home service experience can empower service teams to function as the trusted front line of the company.

Connected Home Services

Digital technologies, applications, and platforms can be catalysts for service organizations, offering the tools to impress customers and provide a consistent brand experience and providing the mobility, automation, and transparency your employees need to deliver that moment of service that will bring your customers back again and again.

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