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  1. 5 Essential Technologies For Mastering Customer Experience

    As field service organizations double down on their customer experience initiatives, these five technologies are imperative.

  2. Q&A: Making Field Service Diversity Intentional

    Editor in chief Sarah Nicastro talks one-on-one with Dot Mynahan of Otis Elevator about the opportunities for women in field service.

  3. The End Of Field Service

    When will today’s connected infrastructure result in the elimination of service appointments altogether?

  4. Focusing On Cultural Adoption Ensures Field Automation Success

    Amano McGann modernizes its field service operations as it looks ahead to IoT.

  5. The Big Rig Biz Meets Big Data, Tech

    The collective transportation and logistics industry shows a strong embrace of technological developments. VDC’s 2018 Enterprise Buyer Behavior study of mobile technology end users finds a 51.1 percent year over year increase in transportation respondent’s extreme satisfaction with the pace of their organization’s mobile initiatives, and a 23.4 percent twelve-month improvement in extreme satisfaction with the adoption of mobile applications. Furthermore, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals describe record spending on logistics in 2017 at $1.5 trillion, a 6.2 percent annual increase, in their most recent State of Logistics report.

  6. Using Service Lifecycle Management To Support Your Customers

    Every day you deal with a multitude of customers who vary by type, size, installed base, usage, personality, and everything else that ultimately differentiates one customer from another. However, one thing always remains constant – their business systems and equipment are critically Important to their day-to-day business operations. Despite this common thread that runs through virtually all of the customers you support, it is still important to recognize that each customer account will likely be different in terms of.

  7. Big Bang Disruption: The Speed Of Change In The Digital Era

    Modern businesses need to adapt to the speed at which technology changes. The past decade has seen a multitude of entrenched industries fall by the wayside in the wake of digital disruption. Businesses need to be proactive about following technological trends if they want to avoid potential disaster.

  8. The Criticality Of Knowing Your Customer’s Desired Business Outcomes

    Customers only purchase products and services for one reason — to achieve their desired business outcomes (results). It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about products or services, large or small, capital or expense. As long as they are spending money, customers demand an improvement in their desired business outcomes. And the value of the increased outcomes must be greater that what they are being asked to pay. No ifs, ands, or buts!

  9. The Emergence Of The Chief Customer Officer

    Business trends and changes in technology have created new perspectives on how companies view their customer service teams. To better understand future trends, we should look closer at the evolution of the Everything as a Service (XaaS) model. XaaS is a term that stands for “X as a Service” and refers to several technologies. The “X” has been referred to as either “anything” or “everything as a service. The acronym refers to an increasing number of services that are delivered over the internet rather than provided locally or on-site. XaaS is the essence of cloud computing. There are many gray areas when you analyze the three basic XaaS models.

  10. Q&A: Challenges To Expect With The Convergence Of Field Service And Digitization

    Much of the content I read seems to oversimplify field service innovation. Maybe this is because I have so many conversations with field service leaders that, despite immense knowledge and vast capabilities, are still struggling to get a handle on the best ways to improve their businesses. You read about how companies are transforming with today’s technologies, and in many ways it looks easy, but the reality is it is just that – there are so many competing priorities, a multitude of options (a gift and a curse), and numerous paths to success.