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  1. 5 Practical Actions To Avoid Common Change Management Challenges

    Believe it or not, change management often gets overlooked when companies are transforming their businesses. I think this happens for a number of reasons – it seems like a given, so not much time is put into really developing a solid strategy; the team is so focused on the project itself that managing the change gets rushed or overlooked; everyone thinks someone else is in charge of this; and so on. While change management is a topic that is discussed a lot, my conversations with field service leaders have revealed that many times change management in practice doesn’t look like change management on paper.

  2. Realizing The Potential Of Big Data

    Global markets and increasingly demanding customers are accelerating the pace of business. As a result, forward-looking organizations are beginning to realize that analyzing data is not sufficient; they must also take action on it. Whether in marketing, HR, or operations, more businesses must systematically operationalize their analytics as part of daily business processes.

  3. 4 Stumbling Blocks To AR ROI In Field Service

    You’re probably familiar with the value proposition of AR (augmented reality) in field service, particularly the impact it can have in the areas of training and remote diagnostics. I wrote in this column after Field Service USA in April that the interest in AR among the audience had grown exponentially from the previous year’s event. Since writing that column in April, I’ve talked with a number of field service leaders at various stages of introducing AR to their workforces. In fact, just last week I held a video focus group with some of our editorial board members to discuss in detail their adoption of AR.

  4. Is Now The Right Time To Replace Your Field Service Management Software?

    The market for field service management (FSM) software market is large and growing. In 2017, the market for cloud- based applications was valued at $1.2 billion by Blumberg Advisory Group, and we anticipate that the market will experience a five-year compound annual growth of 22.8 percent. In other words, it will more than double by 2022.

  5. Ask The Board: Laying The Foundation Of A Successful Customer Experience Initiative

    Last week I wrote a column about the fact that Gartner recently reported that just 22 percent of customer experience (CX) leaders report their CX efforts exceed customers’ expectations. In that column I dove into three reasons I feel field service organizations are missing the mark with their customer experience initiatives — for this column I decided to ask some of our board members to share what they feel their organizations are doing right when it comes to CX.

  6. Field Service Software Selection: Defining Your Non-Negotiables

    I’ve had countless conversations with field service leaders that feel overwhelmed by the process of selecting technology to improve their businesses. This holds especially true for field service software, because there are so many solutions to evaluate. With the exception of large organizations that may have a dedicated solution selection and implementation team, field service leaders are trying to fit this process of solution evaluation in amidst their already busy “day job.”

  7. 3 Reasons Customer Experience Initiatives Are Failing

    Customer experience (CX) has become a major focus for field service organizations. While it is getting a lot of attention, recent research from Gartner indicates that CX initiatives are falling short. Gartner reports that “The goal of CX is to meet and exceed customer expectations, but while 48 percent say their CX efforts exceed management’s expectations, just 22 percent of CX leaders report their CX efforts exceed customers’ expectations.”

  8. Service Lifecycle Management Vs. Field Service Management: What Does Your Business Need?

    The concept of Service Lifecycle Management (SLM) has been around for some time now; however, the platforms to actually make it happen are still relatively new. Not only that, they are continually evolving, and building upon themselves to provide users with more power and flexibility to manage their services operations.

  9. The Effects Of Sales Giving Away Service

    The practice of sales people giving away or discounting service to close a product sale is pretty common and has been going on for decades. Companies have tolerated this behavior in order to achieve quarterly/annual product revenue targets. When services are given away, there are a number of negative consequences that will ultimately affect the long-term profitability of the company.

  10. Eliminating The Top 4 Fleet Management Failure Points

    Learn the most common mistakes companies make when investing in GPS fleet management so you can avoid them.