Newsletter | November 20, 2023

11.20.23 -- These 5 Customer Service Trends Will Change Everything


Mastering Field Service Excellence: Navigating OEMs’ Challenges With Strategic Solutions

OEMs and their service provider networks find themselves navigating a labyrinth of challenges in today's market landscape. A primary issue stems from the decentralized nature of operations, leading to inconsistencies in service delivery and miscommunication. This intricate web, consisting of varied service protocols, conflicting standards, and diverse technological platforms, demands immediate attention to streamline and optimize service performance.


How To Empower Technicians For Optimal Service Delivery With Field Service Training

An approach that combines training and technology ensures that field service teams are fully prepared to exceed customer expectations in today's tech-driven and customer-centric business environment.

Empower Your Organization With Disruptive Technology

Disruptive technology enables predictive maintenance via AI, AR & IoT for real-time diagnostics in field services. It's crucial for FS firms to adopt these innovations to stay competitive.

How AI Can Improve Healthcare Operations Management

AI can enhance healthcare operations by streamlining nonclinical functions like scheduling and dispatching, boosting efficiency and improving patient care.

These 5 Customer Service Trends Will Change Everything

Here are the top customer service trends every leader should know, including the role of generative AI, to meet changing customer expectations.