Newsletter | November 15, 2023

11.15.23 -- The Power Of Relationships In Field Service


Ensuring Worker Safety While Improving Efficiency And Asset Reliability

Explore innovative practices that increase safety and provide the best support for frontline workers, as well as boost productivity and drive success to companies operating in the oil & gas industry.

Better Fleet Management For Utilities Field Vehicles: How Mobile Technology Can Help

In this white paper, we’ll explore some of the challenges of maintaining and managing fleet vehicles for utilities workers in the field — and demonstrate how mobile technology can help fleet managers keep crews working productively and significantly reduce unexpected downtime.

The Power Of Relationships In Field Service

How we build, exchange, and maintain social capital looks very different in 2023. What’s clear is that to drive sales and increase revenue, we have to move on from the belief that relationship building is just a soft skill; more importantly, it’s a critical one.