Newsletter | August 7, 2023

08.07.23 -- Mobile Solutions To Optimize Operations And Build Your Business


Customers are demanding tighter SLAs, business leaders are looking at ways to drive efficiencies and reduce costs, and the world is shining a spotlight on your carbon footprint and the impact your business has on our planet. IFS’ AI-powered planning and scheduling optimization drives efficiencies, lowers costs, improves customer satisfaction, and significantly reduces travel time. Find out how!


Here's How To Harness The Power Of Lift Truck Telematics Data

Investing in telematics technology for lift trucks can improve warehouse safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. Fleet managers should recognize the potential benefits and follow these six steps to harness the power of lift truck telematics data.


Benefits And Features You Should Look For In Field Service Inventory Management Software

Technological solutions, like field service inventory management systems, can help you optimize business operations and increase efficiency. 

The Impact Of Mobile Solutions On Field Service Operations

There’s no doubt about it: The field service industry is transforming. Rising customer expectations, labor shortages, ever-evolving technology, and increasingly complex work have changed the way field service organizations must manage their operations.

Mobile Solutions To Optimize Operations And Build Your Business

Equipped with the right mobile devices and integrated applications, field service workers can deliver better quality and speed of service and increase productivity.


Salesforce Announces General Availability And Pricing For GPT-Powered Features For Sales And Service, Secured Through Einstein GPT Trust Layer