News | July 20, 2023

Salesforce Announces General Availability And Pricing For GPT-Powered Features For Sales And Service, Secured Through Einstein GPT Trust Layer

Source: Salesforce

Today, Salesforce announced general availability and pricing for Service GPT, Sales GPT, and the Einstein GPT Trust Layer, helping any organization drive productivity and personalize customer interactions with generative AI designed for enterprise security standards.

Users can leverage Service GPT to auto-generate personalized replies and automatically summarize customer interactions for future reference, while Sales GPT users benefit from AI-generated, personalized customer emails based on contextual customer data stored in Salesforce. The Einstein GPT Trust Layer prevents customer data from being stored outside Salesforce, meaning prompts and responses are not stored by third-party LLM providers, or used to train their models.

Why it’s relevant: Generative AI helps organizations tailor customer interactions faster and at scale, and workers are quickly realizing the benefits. In fact, 68% of workers say generative AI will help them better serve customers, and employees estimate it will save them an average of five hours each week. That said, 73% of employees believe generative AI introduces new security risks, underscoring the need for organizations to leverage generative AI technologies built with trust first.

Salesforce AI solution: Salesforce is embedding Einstein GPT’s generative AI capabilities across all Salesforce products. And through the Einstein GPT Trust Layer, which provides enterprise-ready data security and compliance safeguards, organizations are empowered to increase productivity and engage with customers in personalized ways without sacrificing trust.

Generally available Service GPT features include:

  • Service Replies: Service GPT customers can auto-generate personalized responses grounded in relevant, real-time data sources, helping service agents resolve customer issues faster.
  • Work Summaries: Users can create wrap-up summaries of service cases and customer engagements based on case data and customer history.

Generally available Sales GPT features include:

  • Sales Emails: Reps can auto-generate personalized emails with CRM context, either from inside Sales Cloud or through Gmail and Outlook, with just a single click. This reduces a time-consuming, yet critical step in the sales process.

Generally available features in the Einstein GPT Trust Layer include:

  • Zero Data Retention: Enterprises are sometimes hesitant to explore generative AI due to a lack of control over where data is retained when it’s sent to an LLM. The Einstein GPT Trust Layer prevents customer data from being stored outside Salesforce, meaning prompts and responses are not stored by third-party LLM providers, or used to train their model.
  • Encrypted Communications: Encrypting communications over TLS safeguards prompts sent to an LLM, along with the responses sent back to Salesforce.
  • Data Access Checks: When a prompt uses customer data to generate a more tailored response, businesses need to ensure the only data added to the prompt is data the end user is allowed to access. Data Access Checks govern prompts by restricting data grounding to only the data allowed by the user’s permissions.
  • Feedback Store: For successful adoption, customers need feedback loops that enable past success to guide future outcomes. The Einstein GPT Trust Layer collects feedback data – including if generated responses were helpful or not, and if, for example, a service agent ultimately accepted, rejected, or modified that response – to improve the quality of prompts over time.
  • Audit Trail: Staying compliant while using AI is a key requirement of many enterprises. The Einstein GPT Trust Layer’s audit trail simplifies this by securely logging all prompts, outputs, interactions, and feedback data so teams can benefit from generative AI while meeting their compliance needs.

Salesforce perspective:

  • “Salesforce’s generative AI features, which take an open ecosystem approach and are powered by real-time, proprietary data, are empowering every organization to tap into the productivity and efficiency benefits of AI while ensuring enterprise-grade trust and data security remain at the center.” — Clara Shih, CEO of Salesforce AI

  • “Customer expectations continue to rise, and service organizations are feeling the heat. Service GPT’s capabilities are helping both traditional and field service teams leverage AI to work more efficiently, giving service professionals more time to focus on higher-order tasks and establish strong customer relationships through personalized interactions.” — Bill Patterson, EVP & GM, C360 Applications, Salesforce
  • “When it comes to sales, AI is the new UI. That’s why Sales GPT’s trusted AI, real-time data, and automation capabilities are so important. With Sales GPT, reps can auto-generate personalized emails in a single click within the flow of their normal work, helping save time and close deals faster.” — Ketan Karkhanis, EVP & General Manager, Sales Cloud, Salesforce

Reaction to the news:

  • “Sales GPT is a secure and accurate generative AI tool. We have been able to use the email prompts to re-engage our customers quickly and easily, allowing our sales representatives to focus more on interactions with cases, and less on formulating emails.” – James Fee, CTO, CRS Temporary Housing
  • “SumUp is using Service GPT to empower our agents across 40 different countries to increase efficiency and lower operational costs. Using Interaction Summarization alone, our teams have lowered their after call work by 50%, resulting in better overall customer support and shorter wait times.” – Bruno Fransoni, CRM and Support Channels PM of SumUp

Pricing* (more details here)

  • Sales GPT is included in Sales Cloud Einstein at $50/user/month and includes a limited number of Einstein GPT credits.
  • Service GPT is included in Service Cloud Einstein at $50/user/month and includes a limited number of Einstein GPT credits.
  • As usage grows, customers can purchase Enterprise Expansion packs for Sales and Service teams.
  • Initially, only customers who have purchased Unlimited Edition, which includes the Einstein SKU**, will be eligible to use GPT-powered capabilities.

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*These pricing details are provided for informational purposes only and subject to change and taxes and other fees. Restrictions apply. Contact your sales representative for detailed pricing information.
**Einstein SKU addition to pricing info updated 7/19/23 12:30pm GMT