Newsletter | November 30, 2023

11.30.23 -- Is My App Ready For Deployment?

4 Red Flags That Indicate Your New App Deployment Is Headed For Disaster

Mobile app and device deployments don’t have to be painful, but the reality is they often are. But there are ways to avoid the pitfalls that ruin deployments before they occur. Here's how.


6 Ways To Train The Right Way: Cost Savings When You Deploy New Apps

Effective systems training for field service workers requires a different approach - one that combines interactive training, mobile delivery, and micro-learning content.


4 Things To Remember When Implementing New Apps For Your Frontline

These pillars provide a foundation for an instructional design approach tailored to frontline worker needs to develop proficiency with their essential technology.


5 Ways To Ensure You Have A Smooth Software Implementation

Any digital adoption platform (DAP) solution needs to be optimized to work specifically for field services. This guide will lay out five ways to solve your field services tech adoption challenges.


5 Ways To Improve Software Training For Your Field Technicians

A large majority of companies are increasingly recognizing the need for on-demand training solutions for their field workforce to reduce costs and improve the effectiveness of their service delivery. Your LMS does not need replacement, but it can be greatly augmented with an on-demand, on-device training solution.