Newsletter | September 11, 2023

09.11.23 -- A Pocket Size Guide To Change Management


Customers are demanding tighter SLAs, business leaders are looking at ways to drive efficiencies and reduce costs, and the world is shining a spotlight on your carbon footprint and the impact your business has on our planet. IFS’ AI-powered planning and scheduling optimization drives efficiencies, lowers costs, improves customer satisfaction, and significantly reduces travel time. Find out how!


Field Services Innovation: Understanding And Meeting Customer Expectations

Field service companies are evolving, keeping pace with industry demands. It's about foreseeing changes and being ready for them. Incorporating advanced platforms and automation into operations is more than just smart. It's crucial to deliver top-notch customer service.


6 Strategies For Managing A Field Sales Team

Businesses must adapt to efficient sales cultures, respond to evolving customer demands, and leverage strong management strategies to navigate digital transformation and achieve success in a competitive landscape.

Training On-The-Job For Maintenance On Wind Turbines: A Case Study

Discover how EnBW utilized field service management solutions to optimize employee training, productivity, and safety.

The Potential Of The Internet Of Things For Utilities

Today’s utilities are striving to achieve digital transformation, just like organizations across every industry. One of the major technologies helping utilities find success is the Internet of Things (IoT).

A Pocket Size Guide To Change Management

Effective change management strategy is crucial for success, while overlooking it can incur significant costs in time, finances, and resources for your business.