Sarah Nicastro

Sarah Nicastro

Sarah Nicastro is the publisher and editor-in-chief for Field Technologies Online.


  • PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay Division Celebrates Safety Initiative Success

    Frito-Lay North America is the $15 billion convenient foods business unit of PepsiCo. The company has a substantial driver safety program in place and Randy Perry, U.S. National Fleet Safety Manager of PepsiCo’s Frito-Lay Division, is here to provide us some details on the program itself and the wins Frito-Lay is celebrating with its success.

  • When Great Field Service Doesn’t Matter

    My husband and I (along with our two babies under two!) moved recently. I had an experience with our home security and automation provider that got me thinking about the times that great field service just doesn’t matter. Here’s what happened...

  • The Importance Of A Knowledge Management Strategy

    Your field workforce — especially your seasoned technicians – holds a whole wealth of knowledge. Unfortunately, for most companies, this knowledge is typically contained almost entirely in the mind of those technicians. This is problematic, because your most experienced technicians can’t be everywhere at once — and your less experienced technicians need to be able to learn the information those seasoned techs hold.

  • How BUNN Is Incorporating IoT And AR Into Service Operations

    BUNN began 170 years ago with Jacob Bunn opening a grocery store in Springfield, IL. In fact, a young Abe Lincoln was one of his first customers! That venture grew into Bunn Capitol Wholesale Grocery Company and was later managed by George R. Bunn who founded a beverage equipment division in the late 1950's. Bunn-O-Matic Corporation was officially incorporated as a separate entity in 1963. Today, the company remains privately-held and family-owned; Arthur “Hy” Bunn has been the President and CEO since 1988.

  • 4 Ways You May Be Frustrating Your Mobile Workers

    When your workers spend the majority of their day in the field, or perhaps don’t visit an office regularly at all, it is easy to become disconnected. Not necessarily in a literal sense as most companies today are connected through some sort of mobile technology, but in the sense that it can be challenging to stay in tune with what those workers are thinking and feeling. Even companies with the best of intentions tend to fall short in one of the following categories.

  • Perfecting The Art Of Employee Engagement

    Today’s leading service organizations are laser focused on improving customer experience and engagement, and rightly so. That said, it’s crucial to ensure that your external efforts don’t overshadow the need for an internal focus as well – in the form of employee engagement.

  • 3 Reasons Technology In Field Service Isn’t As Easy As It Sounds

    With the multitude of technologies available today, it can easily seem easier than it actually is to optimize mobile operations. This is because these new tools are marketed for how exciting, cool, and easy to use they are – and while many of them are all of those things, no technology can be a magic bullet to optimized mobile operations. Here are three of the many reasons why.

  • Exploring The Value Proposition Of AR In Field Service

    The use of AR in field service is shifting from a hypothetical to a reality.

  • GPS Fleet Management Provides Loss Prevention Benefits

    By recovering assets after theft, this construction company saved $300,000 in one day by using GPS fleet management.

  • How To Scale To Meet The Demand Of Rapid Field Service Growth

    The CEO of Power Pro-Tech Services (PPT) shares how the company has managed growth of more than 20 percent per year for the past five years.