Article | August 9, 2018

Top 3 Use Cases For Enterprise Wearables

Source: Librestream Technologies Inc.

By Marieke Wijtkamp, VP Marketing & Client Services

Enterprise Wearables

In this digital transformation era, there is no shortage of technologies an enterprise can invest in to truly transform their businesses. One of these technologies include enterprise wearables. Wearables within enterprise present an opportunity for more efficient, hands-free work, especially when integrated with augmented reality (AR) tools. With established hardware players like RealWearGoogle Glass, and Epson as well as big players like Microsoft entering the market, building a use case for wearable devices is now a priority for enterprises.

Enterprise Wearables range from smartglasses to wearable sensors. According to ABI Research, by 2022 enterprise wearable device revenue will reach $60 Billion USD. To help define some of the ways these wearables drive value, we’ve rounded up three of the top use cases we see across our enterprise customers.

1. Performing Inspections

When it comes to inspecting heavy industrial assets, there are a lot of ‘moving parts’ and specialized knowledge that can impact performance. Pairing a wearable device with digital work instructions enables an inspection use case that adds value across an enterprise.

What do we mean by digital work instructions? It’s an application that allows you to digitize your traditional paper forms and processes to guide inspectors through consistent, safe and accurate inspections. Combined with a pair of smartglasses, workers can perform these guided inspections hands-free while capturing asset data and formalizing the sign-off.

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