Librestream’s Onsight platform digitizes your worker’s day by connecting workers to augmented content and remote experts. Together, teams can perform virtual inspections, diagnose, and troubleshoot assets.

The Onsight platform includes collaboration software for wearables, smartphones, tablets, PCs, and Onsight rugged devices, including the Onsight Cube Industrial Wearable built for extreme environments. Optimized to perform in real world field situations, Onsight shares live video in ultra-low bandwidth and highly secure environments.

Collaborate with live or recorded video, audio, onscreen drawing, image capture, remote control capabilities and much more. Create a knowledgebase of saved Onsight sessions with Onsight Workspace for teams to create, access, manage and share content securely.

Deployed globally, service organizations report improved first-time-fix rates, response times, and mentoring. Onsight users have reported results including:

  • 30% productivity gain from mentoring field technicians
  • 60% faster turnaround time for aircraft-on-ground incidents
  • 50% reduction in length of technology support calls