Newsletter | November 7, 2023

11.07.23 -- Service Is The New Product - Are You Meeting The Desired Outcomes?

Discover The Power Of IFS Remote Assistance Software

From better utilization of precious resources to reduced truck rolls and lower costs, not to mention a vastly improved customer experience, remote assistance delivers real value almost instantaneously.


Lifecycle Management. Next-Level Service.

Explore how a comprehensive approach to service can be your business's secret weapon - helping ensure each instance of care is delivered quickly and effectively.


10 Questions For Evaluating Your Workforce Planning And Scheduling Solution

Not all workforce scheduling solutions are created equal. Discover the top 10 questions asked when evaluating solutions to ensure it delivers maximum value to your business.


The Future Of Service Management Technology

Service is the new product. And it enables the move to outcomes. Delivering ground-breaking products is no longer enough to win your customers’ hearts and minds. You must deliver the desired outcomes that customers have for their assets and equipment.


Proof Of Value - AI Powered Planning & Scheduling Optimization

Using YOUR real business data, we can show you that IFS technology can deliver tangible and measurable business value.


State Of Service In Mobile, Media And Telecommunications

Discover how CSPs will deliver a richer CX, develop new B2B digital services, meet ESG goals, and gain market share while balancing projects like 5G network rollouts and asset maintenance.