Rugged Industrial Wearable Designed For Remote Expertise

Source: Librestream Technologies Inc.

The Onsight Cube industrial wearable is designed to capture and share live HD optical and thermal imaging visuals. Common use cases include streaming live visuals hands-free from the Cube to remote experts or mounting the Cube to monitor an asset at a distance for independent work.

Industrial environments require rugged tools.  Watch Librestream engineers put the Cube through a variety of difficult tests to ensure it holds up in these challenging requirements.

2 Metre Drop Test

In the first test, we dropped the Cube multiple times from 2 Metres on to the concrete floor.

1KG Impact Test

In the second test, we drop a 1KG copper cylinder multiple times on to the Cube from .4 Metres.

Splash Test

In the third test, we drop a full bucket of water onto the Cube.

Librestream Technologies Inc.