Guest Column | July 4, 2022

How To Offer Exceptional Warranty Coverage With Digital Field Service Technology

By Brad Hawkins, ServicePower

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Home and extended warranty providers cover appliances and products that break down – a useful service and coveted plan to fall back on if you are a customer facing potentially hefty and unexpected repair bills. However, customers are often frustrated when engaging their warranty plans because of confusing terms and coverage plans, long wait times, and an unclear process. Field service management software can digitize steps of the warranty workflow to improve customer satisfaction and provide quality and convenience. 

1. Put the customer first 

The warranty market is a client-first industry that is focused on insuring items that mean the most to customers. Therefore, it’s critical that the customer journey provided by warrantors is seamless from end to end. By implementing connected digital platforms into the service experience, providers increase transparency and communication with their clients, giving them step-by-step updates on their requests, timelines, and invoices. Customized, self-service online portals enable customers to schedule maintenance or repair, check service technicians’ whereabouts and status, and communicate directly within a mobile application or browser. In fact, 90% of customers expect a business to offer an Uber-like experience with a self-service portal. A centralized location for all service information allows customers to access details of their policy and work history at a moment’s notice and provides simple touchpoints for interaction with the servicer. Consumer-related metrics like customer happiness and response times account for 55% of Forbes Home’s rankings of warranty companies, reinforcing that when the customer is king, the entire business prospers.  

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