ServicePower provides connected field services solutions that bring together the customer and the dispatch center, technician, claims and warranty processes, parts, the contracted workforce, assets, mobility, business intelligence, and social collaboration. ServicePower connects all aspects of the field service value chain through the use of innovative technology that accelerates business efficiency gains and customer satisfaction while reducing costs. ServicePower is uniquely positioned to offer connected field services solutions on one underlying and consistent platform. This is the ServicePower difference.



Schedule Optimization


Using our patented artificial intelligence based algorithm, Simulated Annealing, ServiceScheduling provides field service organizations with highly configurable, real time route optimization technology - which continuously optimizes appointments, SLA and complex jobs while also intelligently scheduling parts needed for the job. Available hosted or on-premise.


ServiceManager is used to configure and manage field employees or dedicated contractor resource ‘profiles’ in a web based portal.  It enables field service organizations to manage  employed field resource ‘profiles’ online, including skills, geography and efficiency. ServiceScheduling uses the data such as skills, shift patterns, administrative tasks, vacation, languages, product certification, recurring tasks, contact information, flexible field resource territories, etc. to schedule and continuously optimize appointments, SLA and complete jobs, as well as field based teams and parts.


ServiceGantt is an interactive, real time view of optimized daily schedules, as well as mobile job status and GPS location data.   It offers the unique ability to manipulate jobs during exception event handling, as enhanced real time communications with field based technicians. It provides the dispatch with job details, job status and comparable GPS tech location.


ServicePlanner is a graphical territory planning tool that enables field service managers to make short and long term resource planning decisions based on the forecasted service workload. With ServicePlanner, field service organizations can:

  • Plan and assign territories via an interactive map
  • Draw coverage areas on the map that automatically populate a field technicians coverage area
  • Strategically plan capacity
  • Match resource coverage to planned, or historic, demand


ServiceAnalytics provides a flexible and secure static reporting platform that provides key performance indicators and operational data to field service managers to help maximize the effectiveness of operations through the ServiceScheduling suite of applications.

ServiceAnalytics enable users to:

  • View Standard reports based on key operational data
  • Produce real-time standard reports
  • Run and distribute regular scheduled reports
  • Export reports data into CSV and PDF format
  • Add customer/bespoke reports into menu structure
  • Report at the scheduling unit (FRU), team and individual operative/job level and over selected date ranges
  • Install and support multiple instances in Crystal server


ServiceSWAT (ServicePower Workforce Analysis Tool) provides field service managers with a tool which enables modeling scheduling data changes in a non-production environment, eliminating the ‘is it, will it’ uncertainty of real time production changes. It ensures that the supply of service resource (suitably skilled technicians available in the right geography) matches service demand (the volume, type and location of service requests).


Field Mobilization


ServiceMobility is device-agnostic and supports the evolving development needs of field service organizations, including single device or BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device) strategies for employed field resources or job dispatch to third party contractor networks.  It provides automated dispatch schedules to a field resource’s laptop or hand held device, gathers statuses and facilitates additional functions such as parts order and time tracking.


ServiceGPS enables field service organizations to locate, track and manage field assets based on geo-location data. When integrated with ServiceScheduling, it enables field managers to easily compare the vehicle states (i.e. stopped, moving, idle, at home) against the status reported by the field technician (i.e. working, traveling and other). A ‘black box’ GPS device is installed under the vehicle dash and it is flexible enough to utilize location data from existing handheld devices.


Integrated Business Logic across all platforms


This proprietary and unique Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) enables field service organizations to streamline the interaction and communications between their CRM, ERP, web site, IVR or consumer mobile applications and the ServicePower field management platform to drive productivity, cycle times, cost efficiencies and the user experience.

ServiceBroker delivers a consistent service experience to customers, at the local level by seamlessly dispatching and managing jobs sent to any labor resource, whether employed or dedicated contractors being routed and optimized in ServiceScheduling, true 3rd party contractors being managed in ServiceOperations, or on demand technicians available in ServiceMarket.

M2M Technology

ServicePower provides a complete global, mobile, field management platform enabling clients to implement state of the art software solutions and, at their option, mix labor channels to utilize employed, contracted, and on demand resources while controlling all elements of the field service lifecycle, from planning, to execution to analysis.

Using M2M technology, clients with connected devices or machine components can communicate with other machines throughout the business process to initiate intelligent field events, while also enabling true field optimization and mobilization through ServiceScheduling and ServiceMobility.


Business Management and Analysis

ServiceStats for Scheduling

ServiceStats, our in-memory business intelligence tool, facilitates the analysis that field service organizations need to regularly undertake to ensure compliance with business metrics and optimal resource allocation.

ServiceStats ensures that field service organizations perform at the highest operational efficiently, profitability and customer satisfaction levels possible.

ServiceStats also contributes to the growing trend towards ‘Big Data”.

ServiceStats provides the capability to house and maintain historical scheduling data over time. This valuable information can be analyzed through a lightweight, web based interface to drive strategic forecasting as well as operational decisions and tactical improvements in the business. ServiceStats for Scheduling provides out-of-the-box trend and detailed analysis.

ServiceStats for Operations

ServiceStats is a thin client, in-memory, web-based business intelligence application that provides reporting and analysis to client’s for ServiceDispatch and ServiceClaims.


3rd Party Dispatch & Warranty Claims Management

ServiceOperations – Dispatch & Claims

This Award winning SaaS based solution is a truly multi-tenant application, used to manage, dispatch and pay third party service contractors. Not only does this web-hosted CRM solution allow Field service organizations to utilize third party contractors, it also enables them to understand who those contractors are, what skills they offer, where they can perform services and what appointment slots they offer.


Field service organizations can use this web-hosted CRM solution to utilize third party contractors. It also enables them to understand who those contractors are, what skills they offer, where they can perform services and what appointment slots they offer.


ServiceClaims provides real time warranty and service contract claims processing to field organizations like manufacturers, third party administrators (payment obligors) or insurers.

Almost 80% of all North American appliance, electronics and HVAC OEMs, as well as third party administrators process their claims through ServicePower!



A subsidiary of ServicePower, ServiceMarket provides field service organizations access to on demand technicians as and when required to complete a job. With ServiceMarket, field service organizations gain access to fully vetted, on demand independent service contractors and technicians to fill work that cannot be filled through their own employed or contracted 3rd party networks.

S2 Suite

S2 Suite is business management software that helps field service contractors, small to medium sized businesses (SMBs), run their business, in the most cost effective way.

The cloud-based software, accessible from any web connected device, provides service companies the capability to manage:

  • Work Orders
  • Employees, Subcontractors and Crews
  • Lead Generation, Marketing and Consumers
  • Inventory
  • Finances
  • Dashboards and Reports

This service management software solution operates solely online and can be procured via a subscription.



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