Article | June 27, 2018

How Remote Inspections Improve Safety And Productivity

Source: Librestream Technologies Inc.

By Nick Owen, Sales Director – Central Europe at Librestream Technologies

Liberstream Image_ How remote insepctions improve

SGS, the world’s leading inspection, verification, and certification company, adds remote inspections to its breadth of services in its Government and Institutions, and Industrial divisions.  The ability to visually and inspect goods and processes from afar improves productivity, safety and customer service.

As SGS describes in their 2017 Annual Report:

“These services have been successfully rolled out and in industrial inspections where they have improved margins and productivity. For our customers, this means more efficient workflows, reduced costs and access to our services wherever they are needed in the world. Bringing innovative services like this to market is part of our DNA. Our objective is to meet the customers’ expectations, and it is their continued satisfaction that drives us forward.”

With technology and digitization as one of five megatrends that SGS has identified, this investment in remote inspection capability comes as no surprise. SGS went through a rigorous process to define their needs, evaluate and select the technology, and manage the deployment. The process involved development of a comprehensive RFP, followed by lab and field testing of multiple technology solutions. Given that the remote inspections involved SGS inspectors and customers directly in the field, the solution had to perform across difficult field environments, be easy to use and manage, and support a broad range of mobile devices.

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