Zinier is an intelligent field service automation platform helping large organizations transform their field service operations with AI-driven insights.

Put daily tasks on auto-pilot:
Get more done in less time by automating routine tasks and enabling your team to focus on what matters most. Support field teams and third-party vendors with step-by-step install and fix instructions on an intuitive, all-in-one mobile app.

Avoid unplanned downtime with predictive maintenance:
Monitor equipment and take preventive measures based on historical trends and real-time data from the field. Easily configure workflows to trigger an automated response or dispatch a technician, based on AI recommendations and internal best practices.

Intelligent scheduling and dispatching:
Take the guesswork out of technician coordination and avoid last-minute conflicts with AI-driven scheduling and stock transfer. Avoid SLA penalties by monitoring tasks in real time and automatically reassigning jobs that are falling behind.

Real-time AI recommendations:
ISAC is constantly running in the background, observing user actions and providing recommendations. In some cases, ISAC will immediately implement a recommendation once it has been accepted by the user. In other cases, it will suggest a course of action for a back-office coordinator or field technician.

Flexible, configurable platform:
Unlike legacy solutions that can take months to update, ISAC was designed to scale with your changing needs. Instead of being limited to a few use cases, customers can create their own use cases for AI by defining criteria and letting ISAC evaluate data accordingly.

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