Zebra builds tracking technology and solutions that generate an enormous amount of actionable information and insight, giving companies unprecedented visibility into their businesses by giving physical things a digital voice.

Zebra’s extensive portfolio of solutions give you real-time visibility into everything from products and physical assets to people, providing you with very precise operational data not only about where things are, but what condition they are in. This allows business leaders to use data to make better, more informed decisions, respond in real-time and ultimately, help businesses understand how they work, and how they could work better

Zebra's fleet management and delivery validation technologies speed deliveries to your customers, enhance transparency and ultimately, ensure your last mile doesn't become the first reason why your customers look elsewhere

Zebra's technology solutions can help your field operations personnel deliver a higher level of service at a lower cost per interaction, with devices and applications that dynamically connect them to one another, to your supply chain and to your customers, all in real time. Create stronger economies, inside and outside your organization, with service that builds deeper loyalty, upsells offerings and catalyzes growth.


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  • TC75 Rugged Android Touch Computer
    TC75 Rugged Android Touch Computer

    Boost efficiency and customer service by giving your employees enterprise-class handheld computers that survive life in the field or shop floor, communicate and access information in real time. The TC75 is the professional-grade Android device built from the ground up for the enterprise.

  • ET50 / ET55 Tablet
    ET50 / ET55 Tablet

    The best of consumer-styling with all the enterprise-class features.

  • ZQ500 Mobile Printer
    ZQ500 Mobile Printer

    Zebra’s ZQ500 Series offers best- in-class, rugged mobile printers for applications outside of a business’s four walls. The premium 3" (72 mm) ZQ510™ and 4" (104 mm) ZQ520™ printers are Zebra’s next-generation of high-performance mobile printers. The printers’ patented, military-grade design provides exceptional durability and reliability in the toughest environments.

  • TC55 Mobile Computer
    TC55 Mobile Computer

    To get the job done, your workers need access to business- critical applications out in the field. They want a business device that is every bit as small, sleek and as easy to use as their own personal smartphones. But today’s smartphones fall far short of the feature set you need in your business. Introducing the TC55 — the pocket-sized all touch computer that has it all. Smartphone ergonomics and good looks. Business durability. And all the business functionality your workers need to work smarter — and better serve your customers. The TC55. Built for the enterprise, designed for your workers.


  • Zebra Revolutionizes Field Worker Productivity With New Durable Smartphone

    Zebra Technologies Corporation, the market leader in rugged mobile computers, barcode scanners and barcode printers enhanced with software and services to enable real-time enterprise visibility, announced the launch of the TC25: a new rugged smartphone specifically designed for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs).

  • Optimizing Maintenance, Efficiency, And Quality With Mobile HMI

    The HMI Solution: From flashing lights to action insight. Human-machine interface (HMI) systems have been helping managers and line supervisors optimize plant floor operations for years. In fact, many consider the first HMI system in manufacturing to be the “e-stop” button, which workers used to stop production – and often set off a flashing light – when a machine went down. Fortunately, HMI systems have come a long way since the days of emergency stop buttons and flashing lights…

  • Housing Leader Taps Mobile Computing To Boost Automation And Customer Service

    Affordable housing developer Dominium is in the process of doubling in size, with plans for 40,000 units by 2025. Yet a manual, time-intensive work order-management and apartment inspection process hampered field staff. The company set out to ratchet up operational efficiency and worker productivity in a bid to deliver enhanced service to its residents at a faster clip.

  • Making Dock Operations Smarter And More Connected

    As the volume of global shipments continues to rise, logistics companies are facing increasing pressure to get more goods loaded faster, more efficiently and at a lower cost. But achieving this is a challenge. Dock managers manually supervise dozens of dock doors at once, manage inexperienced loaders and have aggressive time schedules. Line haul managers can only estimate time till close, leaving yard managers to work very reactively to plan their next move. Overall, access to pertinent accurate data is not always available early enough or at the right time. Together, this results in loading inefficiencies and mistakes that can lead to costly shipping damage, wasted trailer space and injured workers.

  • Quality Drives A Smarter Plant Floor: 2017 Manufacturing Vision Study

    In the not-too-distant past, manufacturers frequently looked for ways to save money on labor, overhead, and supply costs to effectively compete in the global marketplace. However, the rising number of product variants, the growing price of materials and rising customer expectations are shifting that model. Today, forward-thinking companies are embracing a quality-minded philosophy, and it is paving an alternate route to growth and profitability. New processes and technology advancements are enabling companies to focus on quality and reap the rewards that an automated and connected plant floor can deliver.

  • Making Your Loading Operations Smarter And More Connected

    Using real-time visibility to optimize trailer loading, enhance worker productivity, and reduce operational costs.

  • Putting Real Numbers Behind Mobile Device TCO

    The Workforce Mobility Revolution is well underway and the landscape is no longer static. Devices, operating systems and configurations are constantly changing. Field service workers, DSD drivers and Parcel Courier/Postal drivers need devices that are intuitive and can continue to support them as workflows change. These factors combine to create a big challenge for all field teams. Should they select and then customize consumer-oriented devices, or go with purpose-built enterprise devices?

  • OS Migration And Workforce Mobility: A Revolution is Coming

    From enhancing workforce productivity to improving customer service and extending asset lifecycles, mobile devices and applications have become inextricably interconnected with enterprise workflows. While certainly business critical, they do represent substantial investments for organizations, as well as challenges from both a deployment and support standpoint. One of the most pressing mobility challenges currently facing enterprises is the end of service (EOS) for Microsoft Windows CE and Mobile embedded operating systems – a mainstay of enterprise-specific rugged mobile devices.

  • Zebra Introduces Sleek, Smart Mobile Computers With Beautiful Design, Enterprise Durability

    Zebra Technologies Corporation , a global leader in providing solutions and services that give enterprises real-time visibility into their operations, announced the next evolution in enterprise mobile computing: the TC5 Series touch mobile computers.

  • Transform Your Organization By Harnessing The Workforce Mobility Revolution

    Experts agree that the fourth industrial revolution is upon us. The first was powered by the steam engine. The second by Henry Ford’s moving production line. The third by the digitization of manufacturing. But the fourth industrial revolution is different.

  • Field Teams Win Big With The Right Mobile Devices

    Give your field teams the tools to change the game by selecting the right devices.

  • Welcoming DEX To The 21st Century

    In the Direct Store Delivery (DSD) universe - margins are extremely tight.  Suppliers are constantly looking for ways to increase profitability by increasing productivity and efficiency. DEX is important because it is the glue between delivery to the store and payment for the goods. More and more of today’s suppliers and carriers have begun to replace wired DEX connections with fast, secure, Bluetooth-enabled wireless connections. DEX has finally entered the 21st Century.

  • Get The Most Out Of Every Mile: Add Efficiency To Every Road Stop

    Rethink the way you do your business of moving freight in a way that allows you to reduce paper and add agility and efficiency to the entire operation – from the moment a customer orders a pickup to the moment the order is delivered. With mobile devices and mobile printers in the hands of your drivers, you have the power to extend your office capabilities to the road. Real-time information needed to reduce the cost of your delivery operations, get the most value out of your vehicles and your drivers, and improve the quality and consistency of your services. The result is a highly successful mobility solution that drives your profits up and your costs down, giving you a strong and fast return on your mobility investment.

  • Next Generation Pickup And Delivery Puts The Customer In The Driver’s Seat

    Logistics organizations worldwide leverage technology solutions that can help them step on the accelerator to get their pickup and delivery operations up to speed.  It’s becoming increasingly important to keep your customers satisfied and loyal by providing more efficient, more visible, more predictable, more cost effective supply chain operations.

  • 2020 Vision: The Future Of Field Operations

    Because of increasing industry-wide pressures and challenges, field operations must change rapidly over the next five years, both tactically and strategically. These changes will put technology at the hub of successful field operations, and thus will require most companies to make room for more budget and investment in technology.  To examine the impact that mobile technology innovations will have on field operations between 2015 and 2020, Zebra conducted a comprehensive study among peers to learn how forward-thinking organizations are making the best of mobility.  The outcome of the survey was a host of high-value insights into how businesses are using mobile technology to leverage better customer relationships and overall operational efficiency while simultaneously reducing operating costs.

  • Cardinal Logistics Transforms Information Into Intelligence

    A national leader of third-party dedicated delivery services, the company’s experienced professionals work directly with clients to optimize their supply chains by developing and implementing customized transportation solutions, including specialized equipment and handling that best fit their needs.

  • 10 Steps To Finding The Right Mobile Device

    Finding the right mobile device for your business isn't easy. From various models and suppliers, to countless configurations and operating systems, the options are nearly endless, yet few can actually meet all of your needs. Even if a device works well for one area of your business, how do you know if it will also successfully support another area?