Magazine Article | February 21, 2019

Your Field Worker Is The Edge In "Edge Computing." Are You Ready?

Source: Field Technologies Magazine

By Alvaro Pombo, founder and CEO, ProntoForms

A three-point checklist of what you need to know to do it right.

Unlike centralized computing, “edge computing” relies heavily on intelligent distributed nodes, primarily mobile devices, to capture valuable data in the field. Regrettably, even the most sophisticated field service and asset management solutions disappoint when it comes to custom mobile apps, impacting your “edge.” These custom apps are complex to deploy, difficult to manage, and limited in data collection capabilities. This hinders process improvements and impacts the quality and speed of field work. The good news is there are field-centric, no-code mobile platforms available to help you accelerate your digital transformation and enable your field team to provide a powerful edge for your business.