Magazine Article | November 20, 2013

Windows 8 Enables Enterprise Tablet Adoption

Source: Field Technologies Magazine

By Tom OConnor, sr. national business development manager, enterprise sales, Panasonic Solutions Company of North America,

Windows 8 addresses key security and IT management issues.

The tablet evolution experienced the past few years has not come without its growing pains. In many cases, tablets are so attractive to users that many of them have not waited for their companies to issue them; they’ve brought their own personal devices to work. In other cases, organizations have issued devices to their employees that are better suited for consumer use and lack enterprise-critical security, durability, and functionality. This has resulted in a fragmented IT management landscape consisting of myriad devices with different operating systems, security challenges, and support needs.

Over the past year, the technology industry has seen a shakeup that could play a large role in addressing this issue. Last fall, Microsoft released Windows 8, the most dramatic overhaul of its operating system since 1995. Offering a redesigned interface and several new features, the operating system is built for mobility, security, and manageability. And when paired with enterprise-class hardware, Windows 8 opens the door for companies to embrace the benefits of tablets without sacrificing on security, functionality, and management capabilities.