Article | January 13, 2021

What Is Dispatch Software And Who Should Use It?

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Every field service business has to dispatch. That’s the name of the game. A technician or subcontractor has to be sent to a job site to complete a repair for a customer. It’s just that easy – until it’s not. According to SalesForce, 52% of field service businesses are still using manual methods for most of their tasks. That includes scheduling and dispatching technicians. Dispatching is such a high priority area to get right in field service, that dispatch software is widely seen as the best way to manage your business.

So, what is dispatch software and what type of people should be using it? Deciding on the right field service software is very important and it needs to have strong scheduling and dispatch tools. Let’s take a look at dispatch software and see who should be using it.

What is Dispatch Software?

For field service management, dispatch software is a digital tool that gives dispatchers a better handle on managing technicians in the field. That includes selecting them for jobs, routing them to job sites, reassigning them, and tracking their movements. From a manual standpoint, dispatchers without some form of field service software are using whiteboards, email systems, and online calendars to schedule technicians. The problem is, that it can be a very labor-intensive process to get not just a technician scheduled, but reassigned. An emergency call could come in and require a massive shift in scheduling. And that could grind a service department to a stop if the dispatcher has a bunch of manual processes to complete first.

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