Article | October 12, 2018

What A Consumer-Grade Mobility Strategy Really Costs Enterprises With A Field-Based Workforce

Source: Xplore Technologies

By John Graff, Xplore

Enterprise Software Mobility And Digital Transformation

Technology has done wonders for business in the last 20-plus years, especially mobile technology. Tablet, laptop and even handheld computers have completely transformed the notion of field service and, therefore, customer service. Customer questions can be answered and problems can be solved by technicians in a matter of minutes – not days, weeks or months. Ideas from the best, brightest and most skilled workers can be applied, even if they are hundreds of miles away from the actual job site. Records-keeping is no longer a burden. Information retrieval is instant. Risk mitigation strategies are easier to implement than ever, as are proactive maintenance techniques that minimize equipment repair demands and – most importantly – eliminate downtime. The list of mobile technology benefits goes on and on. Just look at the widespread impact that rugged tablets have had on manufacturing, warehousing, field service, public safety, and utility industry leaders around the world in the last few years: