From The Editor | December 29, 2010

Welcome To Field Technologies Magazine


By Sarah Howland, Editor In Chief, Field Technologies magazine

If you missed last month’s issue, let me get you up to speed — Integrated Solutions has become Field Technologies. The name change is meant to achieve two goals — to more accurately reflect our editorial focus and to make the correlation between the magazine and our website( and weekly enewsletter more intuitive. While the name of the magazine is new, you can be confident the things you like about the publication will remain the same. Field Technologies will continue to cover the technologies about which you care the most. And, the original editorial content will stay consistent — Field Technologies will provide the same types of articles you’re used to seeing. If you aren’t familiar with Field Technologies Online, check out the additional resources that exist there — and if you don’t receive the Field Technologies Online weekly enewsletter, sign up online to have the latest of Field Technologies magazine and Field Technologies Online delivered directly to your inbox.

What Will 2011 Mean For Mobility?
I’m excited about our name change and about the value Field Technologies can provide as you research, select, and deploy mobile technologies. I’m also extremely energized looking at the mobile landscape for 2011. On page 26, David Krebs of VDC Research provides VDC’s top seven mobile and wireless predictions for the year. I think you’ll find, when reading the predictions, it’s difficult not to get excited about how mobile technologies are advancing in 2011 — and the impact they can have on your business.

For instance, prediction #2: The Emergence Of Cloud-Optimized Mobile Solutions. According to Krebs, app stores will no longer be only for consumers as cloud solutions ascend in the enterprise. But, as cloud-based solutions permeate the field service space, there are important things for you to consider — such as the ability for the solution to perform both in a connected and disconnected state. VDC’s prediction #6: Rugged Becomes Relevant….Again notes the impact the recession had on companies’ abilities to purchase rugged devices. While companies settled for nonrugged devices during this time period, VDC notes that an increase in failure rates occurred as a result. As the economy recovers, TCO (total cost of ownership) reappears at the forefront of technology purchase considerations. This is an exciting time in the mobile and wireless industry, and at Field Technologies. I hope 2011 is also an exciting — and productive — time for your business. Here’s to a happy and fruitful New Year!