E-Book | September 18, 2019

5 Ways To Overcome Human Resource Challenges In Field Service

Source: Microsoft
Human resources recruiting candidate

Field service managers are faced with a myriad of responsibilities ranging from getting the job done quickly and correctly in the field to ensuring operational efficiency, optimal asset utilization, cost control, and customer satisfaction. And all of these expectations are being piled on top of a mounting human resource challenge: an aging workforce and a shrinking talent pool.

Historically, the replacement of a retiring field technician has been nothing more than a “changing of the guard” as a newer candidate would step in to serve in his or her place. Under the guidance of Human Resources (HR), the new hire might then be enrolled in a full round of training, certification, and company orientation to minimize the disruption to the field service organization’s (FSO) ongoing business operations.

Today’s human resource shift

Recruiting the right new hires is difficult enough under normal circumstances. Today, this process has become even more of a challenge due to the generational transformation that is also taking place within the global business community at large. Baby boomers are being replaced by an influx of millennials. While managing a generational shift in the services workforce is nothing new, these two generations differ greatly, easily leading to a stratified field service workforce and an additional challenge for field service managers.

In order for field service managers to successfully navigate this human resource shift, they will need to adjust their perspective and focus on the opportunities scattered amongst the challenges.

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